Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Watchdogs of society

Saw something really disturbing last night! Reckless display of misuse of power.

I am no communist by any chance, yet I firmly believe that democracy provides us the right to display our likings and dislikings towards the issues involving our bread and butter. And frankly speaking no one has the time nor the interest to carry out procession and staging protests and memorandums unless left with no other means. At least the daily waged workers, with an unconfirmed sourse of income, there is no chance that they eould engage in something like this just for jollification.

And that is what they were doing, or atleast the reports have suggested them to do so(I don't want to sound biased.) What is wrong in questioning your employer, as to why the effort that you have been putting for over three months has not been rewarded? No one works for free. Especially poor people can't afford to. Every one has a family back home to feed, parents and children to look after, responsibilites to meet, and if you don't get the genuiene monetary reward you deserve, for your efforts you have put in, you are bound to protest. At least I do, I cribbed a lot when my salary hike wasn't what I expected or rather, believed was fair by standards.

And what do they get? I could not believe my eyes when the recorded feeds were aired, hundreds of workers being rounded like cattle, and getting beaten without any remorse! You don't even dust your carpets that wildly.

How could our police force become so active and running on it's toes, given only a single call for help had been made to them?
These were the same inefficient bunch of middle aged, pot bellied, stinking-with-the-over-used-and-never-washed-uniforms policemen, who as our Hindi movies in a very conservative fashion, show them to arrive after everything is sorted out by the hero! These were the same gang who take ages to find and arrest a rape convict whom the whole city knows. These were the same bunch, who find pride in collecting monthly rentals from the street vendors, whom I have seen myself passing comments on young college going ladies, dusting the tobacco(as it's called Khaini in Hindi) in their hands, spitting on roads, and crossing the roads at their will halting the whole traffic in the process!

I don't blame the employers, (Honda motors in this case) for the police brutality, though their involvement in the occurance of this case can be argued. Even I would have called the police force, had I felt that my negotiation skills weren't working any more, and I needed immediate crisis control. And given, they are a multinational company, Communists and the union forces in India are always eying to prey down such people!

But, the question I want to ask is, what made the police force act like a watchdog to a private multinational firm on their own, when all the firm wanted was a serious crisis control? Who gave them the right to lathicharge a mob of 700 odd people with such brutality, when tear gases, or at maximum, water jets could have solved the matter. And why in the world would you charge people on head and neck, when the most elementary training a police guy gets is to lathicharge a mob or shoot the criminal in foot, if the need arises to.

I really wonder! And am really disturbed. I thought my social science teacher taught that police is meant to be a watchdog for the society.


Srinivas said...

more like dogs of the society! ya, its very shameful portrayal of the nation's police force! its just like in the movies where poor employees get beaten while the corrupt officials at higher cadres are reaping rewards. the more we think abt these things the more disgusting it gets.

only the good die young, only evil seems to live forever...

Keshav said...

The following link http://www.hindu.com/2005/07/27/stories/2005072705221000.htm debates more about the misuse of police power.