Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mockers meet!

"To hell with this damn meet, why in the world did I say yes afterall? It's raining so heavily, and me like a fool is spending already scarce money to meet a few people whom I haven't ever seen? And worse yet, I am the only fool(didn't know I had company in Naren!) who's travelling 25 odd kilometers just for the heck of it! "

These are the true feelings that were coming to my mind while making the troublesome "journey" from my place to the CCD in Jayanagar. Having no idea of the place, with incessant rain pouring and the auto meter ticking beyond anticipation, I hope you all would understand my frustration. Added fear of no one turning up was always a catalyst pissing me further off!

But it wasn't meant to be a fool's day! And I regret not a bit why I took the trouble. The Blogger's meet was an outright success, atleast for me, as I got a few more friends to mock at, and thus satisfy the sadist within me! And I swear I didn't miss any chance in sounding sarcastic! The best part being, I got a few more friends who would listen to my Pjs, not understand the most of it, and still laugh. And I again swear, all of them obliged(Who knows may be they actually got the jokes, but it's a rarity)!!

Ok.. enough of build up! Let me get to the point! After much deliberation and procrastination, we - the fellow bloggers, met! And those who planned and couldn't make it for any reasons, lost out on a great funny conversation!

The four idiots with all the time in the world were:
Srinivas - the tallest and the biggest enthusiast fool, for whom all the world is some c++ program.
Rajendra - the silent thinker with no trace of any smile, totally contrary to his blog name!! :P (But he compensates for it by dancing well!)
Narendra - another enthusiast - typical of those who feed the telecom companies' employees - an over user addict of cell phones. :-)
Yours truly - the sarcastic mocker!

Anyhow.. we all met. You can have their versions of story at their blogs. Check them out at..


And totally contrary to what I had anticipated the meet to be, there was fun in it. Surprisingly there weren't any butterflies dancing in my stomach(as I generally get when I meet strangers - may be self consiousness!) - and the introductions didn't take much time, as the blogs already gave an idea of their indivdual personalities. And like it always happens in case of a guy gang, we started with nation's favourite topic - sports! Don't think dirty -you pervert minds, no porn involved! Starting with Formula 1, the discussion went on to Science, it's implications, music, trivia involving music, our employers, their bashing and what not.

A lot can happen over coffee - I think this is CCD's punch line, and yes - a lot did happen over it. The gelling was perfect, and time flew by effortlessly.
Strong dose of an Irish coffee and heavy rain - the combination excites the romantic mind in me! But don't worry - I am straight, and my fellow friends need not panic! It was long since I sat without caring for anything for so long. Rounds of coffee came, lots of saracasm over the hep pronounciation and the funny stylish names of coffee were made, I even had a couple of free bites of the Black Forest cake. (Naren was passionaltely defending his liking for F1 and I was enjoying the cake!). This was giving me added kicks, as I could relate it to how I saved money for the return journey, and how I could use this cash for another round of coffee! Curse me guys - but I did that! ;)

Srinivas in zeal, bought a few coupons for the jukebox, and with me and Rajendra not interested in increasing the noice pollution in the small place, happily played a few of his favourites. The passion was obviously taking its toll on us, as Rajendra and me were the poor sufferers, who were nodding frantically in affirmative to all the trivia gyan he was imparting, just to push him off the subject! Idiot him, didn't take any clues from our body language, and instead started a new thread of discussion on Metal music. Thanks to timely intervention by Rajendra, that I am alive to narrate it today, or I would have died trying to figure out who Joe Satriani is, or who is the lead guitarist of Metallica. (Co-incidently Srinivas's profile picture is of the same person, as he told!! As if I care!! :))

I had my share of fun making Rajendra, the backra, for his out of the world, in my word messy, and in his word artistic, blog template!

To sum it all, I would say, if no one stood offended by my sarcasm all the three hours we were together, and if I did not explode( as my fame goes) by anybody's jokes and remarks, then it had to be a great meet.

And I serioulsy and sincerely look forward to more of it to come, with lots of new participation.

And I know two posts a day hint that I have no work, but I insist, it is just coincidence!


Srinivas said...

Err - correction. My profile pic is not the metallica lead guitarist but GNR's lead guitarist! You were'nt listening - were you??

NaReN said...

He has made it soooo clear that he wasnt listening..! u ask again!! u were not reading - were you?!?! :P

Keshav said...

@Srinivas: Even now you aren't getting the clues!! :P

@Naren: Thanks! Hope Srini gets it this time atleast! :D

!!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! said...

@srini... dont worry maga, i listened to u... isnt it SLASH??? and sorry, i forgot the wierd name u told about his guitar :p

@keshav... too much has been said about my smile... grrr... wait 4 all my female fans to thrash u front n rear!!! :p

NaReN said...

@Raju - You seriously think so!?! dude better get rid of those misconceptions :P

@Keshav - Don't you worry... Srini is a very sensitive guy, he will get the most subtle of the hints :P

Srinivas said...

i got all your clues ppl! but i'm a bit persistent when it comes to metal and c++ :D

@raju - for the 'n'th time!! its a "Les Paul Custom"!!!

Keshav said...

Raju seems to be quite an experienced guy when it comes to recieving the thrashings from his female fan following!!


Child Woman said...

hey what do u mean by blogshares? and how are they priced?

Keshav said...

@Child Woman: Blogshares are almost like normal shares, where the number of incoming and outgoing links, plus the number of comments and the visitors decide the value of your blog space. You can own shares of others' blogs if you find or feel it has the potential to grow. This inturn would again decide the new rate of the blogs .. and like that.

You can get more details in the help section of the blogshare link from my page.
All I can say is, it's fun for a begining.