Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Journalism has reached it's ethical doomsday! And the advent of the zillion news channels have worsened the scenario.

I have been noticing this for quite some time now, and everytime I see/read it, all I do is get a smirk on my face and change the channel or dump the newspaper.

Come on, it has been over a month now that Greg Chappel has become the Indian coach. The media is over hyping the news! Every day since the news actually deserved a mention, I have been reading masala stories about how much he is getting paid, how his employers are craving to get him a star accomodation, or how he is using the overrated and overused Edward De Bono's techniques.

Since the day some intruder made public the Salman/Aishwarya tape, all the channels have been involved in some cheap sleazy "special" and "exclusive" programs, where the max they manage is get some jobless, outdated f#$%er in studio and sit and analyse the endless and meaningless implications of the case. One channel went down to the level of actually playing a dramatised version of the chat in news!

I really wonder how big a hypocrite our society is. A miniscule chain bomb incident happens in London, and it's a mega news. People pour in condolences, stock exchanges in India feel the shock, the politicans cough out ridiculous statements, and expectedly, all the news channels are flooded with fabricated news, highlighting the loss of some 40 odd lives.

No doubt, it hurts to see people die. But ironically, we Indians are more concerned about the death of the Whites more than the lives of our own people. Just a week before this London incident, terrorists attack Ayodhya. Few people die. But death of Indians is no news. A few stories and analysis about the incident's political implications for Congress and BJP catches the channels' eyes. Afterall Indians have a heavy appetite for Masala intake!

Check out today's web version of Times Of India as an example, as much as Manmohan Singh's address to the US congress has got a coverage, same or infact more coverage has been given to Rahul Gandhi's liking for gokarting!! Apart from a couple of articles which genuinely qualify as news, rest are all masala that sell.

I am really pissed! Which channel to turn to when all a viewer wants is authentic news. And who is to blame? Aren't we the one who fall to such cheap business tricks!


Anonymous said...

ha ha! its really appalling with the amount of crap the indian educated viewer is put to. its the jawaan khoon or whatever.. wait for a while.. you'll get used to crap like this. and yes sincere advice. please stop taking TOI seriously... its meant for seeing the pictures and browing for new jobs in bangalore and yes read all the editorials on sunday. Hindu is too heavy news, and also very communist and opinionated "news".. deccan herald is a joke. indian express is too blah.. none of them make any sense. just start taking everything with a pinch of salt.

Srinivas said...

hey - nice template. better than the previous one :)

Keshav said...

@Anonymous: I second you - TOI can't be taken seriously! And I would get myself outcasted at home, if I dare change that! Everyone likes the masala TOI offers with their tea!

And though Hindu is a bit too heavy, and a little(compared to TOI) biased, it still is one which stands out for its quality of matter.
It doesn't mean I can myself take it on a daily basis, but it deserves the praise!
And NO!!!! it is no jawaan khoon!!

@Srinivas: Thanks!! I felt it looked very neat!

Kiran Kalyan said...

hi...forgive me if I'm mistaken but is this keshava from SPHS '96 batch? if so, well met, friend...bahala dina ayithu ninnodane mathaadi. if not, do forgive my presumption.

also, the web version of Times of India is at . the news here, while not grrat, is at least orders of magnitude better than at indiatimes which is just a masala portal.

Keshav said...

Sorry to disappoint you Kiran! I am the one you were mistaking me for!

And regarding India Times, it is made for spicy stuff, but not Times of India!

Keshav said...

Oops.. I meant I am not the one!!

Kanishka Agiwal said...

Long time I no comment. So I comment now. Comment.

Arjun Karande said...

Oh, yea. Me too!


Keshav said...

Thanks for your comments!!! Ass@!$#s !
I will return the favour sometime!