Monday, July 04, 2005


The angry young man of Indian celluloid has grown old, but he still rules! No matter what the age of the lion be, he still is the king of jungle, just as Amitabh Bachaan is!

You can do nothing, but be completely mesmerised by his performance on Screen! It's quite perplexing to even imagine, that this is the same guy, whom I watched dancing with Aaishwarya a couple of weeks back, wooing her with the tapori dialoges like " Madam, I am your only Adam!". Or completely blowing the screen away, with arguably, the best performance on screen, in Black!

Welcome to the world of Sarkar!
Sarkar, is one of the best movies I have seen in recent times! It consists of one of the most powerful performances on screen in Indian movies. With very little dialoges, the actors are left with nothing other than their facial expressions and the body language to convey the emotions they are supposed to!

Hats off, to Ram Gopal Verma for such an appreciable work. By the end of the movie, the viewer is no more bothered comparing it with The Godfather! Both the movies are great in their own spaces.

Their are millions of movies on underworld in Bollywood, but Sarkar is no ordinary gangster movie. It is the depiction of the battle for power! There have been movies with great dialoges, but it the delivery of these, that makes Sarkar stand out!

It's quite innovative film making - with cameras zooming into the character's face, almost to the extent of covering the full screen, there is very little scope of an actor underperforming! With hardly any dialoges for some long streches, as long as 15 minutes, the actors are all naked infront of the viewer. And none of them, have let the director down!

There is no hype or hoopla in filming the emotional sequences, not the stereotyped bollywood film-making, which try to encash on the emotional quotient of the Indian masses. All the emotional scenes in the movie are blunt and direct.

The back ground music is one of the life lines of the movie - making it fast paced and adding on to the performances.

I really wonder why Kay Kay, inspite of being such a brilliant performer is so under utilised? See him, in the movie and you would hate him - such is the brilliance of his performance. I really hope to see more of him in forthcoming movies.

The biggest package for the viewers in the movie, is the performace of Abhishek Bachaan - the way he has been shown to be groomed to become the next Godfather or Sarkar, to take over the legacy of the original one, the very same applies to his acting skills. Though it would grossly unjust to rate him as high as his dad is, but Amitabh would really be proud to see his son mature. The scene where he tells his dad, about killing his own elder brother, is in one word - brilliant! It would be unfair not to mention that, he overshadows his dad in the scene.

Sarkar is a movie about performances. Nothing great about the story, but something is definitely new in Ram Gopal Verma's story telling! Nothing like a moral science lesson to learn fron it, but a complete movie altogether.

It was a complete entertainer for me. But a word of caution for some. If the definition of entertainment for you is Shahrukh Khan romancing some doll in the Alps, or the Govinda-Kader Khan cheap comedy, then Sarkar is not a place for you! You would be wasting your money, if you expect romance, songs, or emotional drama!
Stay away from the movie in the case you are allergic to politics, and power rift's stories, for it would give you nothing more than a headache.


roses-in-a-beer-mug said...

That was one cool review Keku.. I'm really tempted to watch the movie. But I dunno..that the story resembles Godfather (the book, not seen the movie) to such an extent is such a putoff.

Keshav said...

Well, I have not read the novel, but I can definitely say, the movie is not one remake of Godfather. It's quite different, the treatment is totally different. While Godfather deals more with underworld, this one deals more with politics!

And watch it for the sake of performances!! But I must remind you, it's one dark movie!

roses-in-a-beer-mug said...

Sounds good..Besides, there's abhishek bacchan :X

Keshav said...

To emphasise the extreme performance of Abhishek, please read this:

Though I myself dont think, he has outperformed Amitabh! But it can easily be regarded as his best performance so far!

Rajeev said...

The review given by Keshav and the quality of the movie to me is a paradox.Not quite a movie which can be given so much respect but yeah the direction and acting of both big B and small B is quite good.I think the Indian audience have been stuffed with too much underworld stuff....There is a time to look out for something different.....

Apps said...

Wow .. this movie must be good if you've given it a review like this! Added to my list of few 'selected' movies which I WILL watch :D

Keshav said...

@Rajeev: I mentioned this fact, that the movie is nothing of a path breaker, but it's merits lie in the powerful performances by both big and Small Bachaans!

And yes, there have been lots of movies on underworld, but to me this was more on the political aspect of it, with the story of mafia interwoven to suit the Indian viewers.

Nitai said...

kya jhakaas review hai baap!
I had to re-consider my own views on the movie after reading this review of yours...good stuff

Keshav said...

Dhanyavad!! Dhanyavad!!

Your review was far better presented and detailed than mine! Had I read yours first, I might have reconsidered going for the movie itself!!!

Thanls again!