Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Book Tagged!

I have been book tagged by Kanishka a few days back!!

This is the toughest job for me, as I am not the right person to talk about books! Had someone tagged me some 9 months back, I would have had hardly some 10 books to mention apart from my course books to talk about! But, thankfully, I discovered the joy in reading, though late, still an achievement.

So here it goes:

Number of books owned:

Given the fact that I am a kid at reading, I have nothing like a collection to brag about! Still, as I prefer to buy and read than to borrow, I have a few books in my possession!

Total books owned:
20+ These exclude, the text books of course, as I always avoided buying them! :) And they also exclude all the books that I had bought or borrowed or stole or lost, while I was in Hostel. All the possession is from my hard earned money in the last 10 months!

I am strictly against E-books! Though I had a series of lectures by Feynman on my PC at office, which I deleted one day in anger!

Favourite Books:
Sony by Akio Morita

The Haj and Exodus by Leon Uris - I am in love with Jews! These two books give us a complete insight of the viewpoints of Palestinians and the Jews respectively. I have this dream of visiting Israel at least once in my life, and I know I have company in this dream in form of someone special!

Kane and Abel
by Jeffrey Archer

Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. I was in a state of high for three days after reading it! Read it twice the same night I bought it! Anyone who was ever a hostelite must read it to relive the best days of his life!

The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

Mein Kamph - Adolf Hitler

A Brief History of Time - Stefen Hawking. Thanks Neelabh for suggesting me this book!

Useless book ever purchased:
The complete Hitch Hiker's Guide to Galaxy! - The wosrt investment so far! The Scientific imagination in it was too advanced for me to pay attention to the wit and appreciate it!! Never went beyond the 8 chapter of the first book!

Most hyped book I ever read:
Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown. Though the book is a favourite for me, still the ending is a big let down! Total anti-climax!

Worst reads:
Doomsday Conspiracy - Shidney Sheldon! That was the first and last book by that author! He sucks!
Hercule Poirot's stories - Agatha Cristie. I felt it was a cheap copy of Sherlock Holmes.
The Rainmaker - John Grashim. Didn't get a clue as to what was there in it to be called a novel!
Advanced Computer Archtecture - I couldn't get a shit from the book! I almost flunked!

Current Read:
Blink - Malcolm Gladwell. Yes! I have been reading it for almost a month now! And trust me, the book is amazing!

Mein Kamph - Reading for the second time! This time trying to understand it properly! It's the most difficult form of literature I have ever come across! It took me 3 months of regular reading to complete it once, and I hardly got anything out of it! But it is really fascinating to read the mind of the greatest evil genius of modern history! Why he thought and behaved the way he did, prompted me to read it twice!

The complete collection of Sherlock Holmes Stories - I love them.

Book I have to finish next:
The day of Jackal - Bought it almost three months back! Still waiting to finsih Blink to start that!

Books I want to buy next:
Godfather - Mario Puzo. Sarkar promted me to read it!

Snapshots from Hell – Peter Robinson. Reviews are great and Kannu also suggested it in his blog!

O Jeruslem by Dominique Lappiere.

Confessions of a Secular Fundamentalist by Mani Shankar Aiyar. I read the first chapter of the book and I was fascinated!

Dilbert Principle - scott Adams. I love them.

Most Influential Read:
Sony - Akio Morita. I loved the book. The passion with which Akio Morita talks about his principles and ideologies amazes me. A great book for all management aspirants, a must for entrepreneurs.

Book I would like to gift: (Copied from Kannu)
The complete Hitch Hiker's Guide to Galaxy - It's a waste for me!!

People I would like to tag:
None!! Almost all are tagged! Others whom I would have tagged have mentioned about their dislike for reading! And the only other I really want to tag does not blog!


Srinivas said...

man, so many books! i always get an inferiority complex when i see ppl who read so many books!

Keshav said...

Heee heee!!! I have just started man! Have hardly read around 100 books all together! There are friends who must have read some thousands all together!

Srinivas said...

hundreds?? well lets see - the number of books i've read till now can fit in a 5-bit unsigned integer!! (I've not counted some engg text books!!)

Apps said...

Keku I want tht book.. Blink.. stomps her feet

Keshav said...

@Srinivas: Lol! I am no better.. just a small pace ahead!

@Apps: Finally done!! It's all yours now!!
Joking.. don't take it literally .. read and return!