Friday, July 01, 2005

Music Tag!

So I have made myself relatively free today! Thanks to the Bangalore weather, and the Friday mood, and of course the absence of my PL and architect!! ;)

Ok, now to the point! I have been tagged by two friends! And frankly admitting, having no idea of what it meant, I had no option but to wait for some days to let others show me the way!

Having a fair idea of it now, let me try a hand at it. A disclaimer from my side: my choice of music or books is a little boring and old fashioned!

So Srinivas here is my world of music for you!

Hey!! A few points again, before I proceed!
a. Jagjeet singh and Pankaj Udhas rock!
b. Those who say A.R Rehman's music is typecasted, can go to hell!
c. I am not a Hard Rock - head banging kind of guy, though I listen to quite afew selected songs. And hence, I am a bit illeterate when it comes to English music.

Last album I bought
Don't remember, I prefer music on my comp. And thanks to 4 years at hostel, I have plenty of contacts that I manage to get CD's for free.

Next album(s) I want to buy
I really want to buy the whole collection of Floyd. But have not been able to dare that!! A single album costs around 700/-. My sister would die of heart attack if she finds out that! And I love her too much to loose her! ;)

Last song I downloaded
Jagjeet Singh's - Pyar mughse so kiya tumne..

Last song I heard before this post
Brayan Adam's - Cloud number 9

All time favorite bands
None actually, though I like Linkin Park!

All time favorite songs (Not in any particular order)


Jagjeet Singh - Ab main raashan ki kataron mein nazar aata hun.
Jagjeet Singh - Pyar mujhse so kiya tumne.
Jagjeet Singh - Chitthi na koi sandesh...
Pankaj Udhas - Ghunghroo toot gaye.
Pankaj Udhas - Chandi jaisa rang.
Pankaj Udhas - Deewaron se satkar...
Ghulam Ali - Hungama hai kyon barpa..
Ghulam Ali - Aawaragi..
Mehendi Hasan - Ranjish hi sahi..
Hemant kumar - Na tum hamen jano..
S D Burman - Mere sajan hain us paar, main manmar..
Suresh Wadekar & Bhupendra - Huzoor is kadar bhi na itara ke chaliye..(Masoom)
Bhupendra - Do deewane seher mein.
Suresh Wadekar - Seene mein jalan, aankhon mein toofan sa kyon hai..
Suresh Wadekar - Phir cheedi raat baat phoolon ki..
Desh mere desh mere - Legend of Bhagat Singh!


Brayan Adams most, particularly, Cloud number 9, best of me, summer of 69, we gonna win.
Floyd's Coming back to life, The wall, Comfortably Numb
Linkin Park's In the end, paper cut, one step closer
Metallica - Nothing else matters (actually, this is their only song, whose lyrics I can understand while listeing to it!)
Def Lepard's most.
Beatles' - Hey Jude, I wanna hold your hands.
Josh Groban - You raise me up (thanks Aparna for suggesting that song!)
Simon and Garfunkel's - Bridge over troubled waters.(Thanks to Aparna again!)
John Mayer's - a few, names I have forgotten!
Deep purple's - Smoke over troubled waters and When a blind man cries!
John Bon jovi - Blaze of glory
Ozzy - Mama I'm coming home
Elvis - Fools rush in!

Well.. there are a lot many more both in English and Hindi, but I cannot mention them, for I have either forgotten the singer or the lyrics!

All time favorite (lead) singers
Hemant Kumar
S D Burman
Suresh Wadekar
Jagjeet Singh
Pankaj Udhas(though he sucks in playback singing!)
A R Rehman
Brayan Adams
Def Lepard

All time favorite lead guitarists

Total Songs(mp3s) I have on my office comp
around 1500

Total songs(mp3s) I have on my home comp
around 4000, may be more! A lot of which is old Hindi movies, Ghazals, and classical!! (No I don't have to understand classical to like it!)

Total Music CDs I've burned
5 or 6.. for my parents!

People who have to take this up
Since I have suffered, these friends of mine also must!!
Busy be(!)

There are a few more, but unfortunately they aren't blogging!

And Kannu, books in the next one!!


Srinivas said...

COOL. I have the entire Floyd collection as mp3s. You can have it sometime :)

Apps said...

Nahinnnn.... My music blog is gonna be wrse than my book blog.. I'll spare everyone the gruesome details

Keshav said...

Hey Srinivas!! I would be really greatful to have them, I need to burn them all!

And Apps, no sparing business!!