Thursday, June 30, 2005


Happiness is a state of mind!

Keshav is happy, very happy to be precise! He is happy because he has not got any time in the world to think if he is really happy! But he knows, why he is happy! He is happy becasue he is extremely busy these days!

How many days can a person sustain the tremendous work load that he is facing!! But he does not complain, for it is the first time in last 17 months of his job experience, that he is overloaded! (As a passing fact, he completed his first year of association with his present employer as a regular employee on 28th!)

This is what he was looking for, desperately wanting engagement! All the complaints, all the cribbings, all the dislikes and illusions about his so called hatred for his work are gone now! Not that, he has given up on what he has planned for future. But he is more than enjoying what he is doing presently!

Give him responsibilty, complement him for his achivements, make him feel important, and he will work like a dog, wagging his tail!!

Life has become mundane, interactions with friends trickling dry, socialization almost nill, yet, he is enjoying this monotony. He has never concentrated on work as much as he is currently doing. Some settlements are worth doing, at least you don't have to always look lost!

Having an even busier schedule for the next couple of months, with the news of his parents and uncle coming to meet him, an appraisal in process(he's not bothered a bit!), a whole lot of fresh movies in line for release, few great books waiting to be read, taste buds overly excited, things are looking brighter for his future too!!

He doesn't give a damn to anything now! Nothing can bog him down now, he has rediscovered his characteristic unfazed optimism back!

No time for crap, no time for history and past! Life is getting over fast, and he has to catch up with it!

Hey wait, he is coming along!!!

Dheere Jalna..dheere jalna.. dheere jalna...
Zindagi ki lau par dheere jalna!.............

Wish I could discover what he has!!


Srinivas said...

hmm... keshav the workaholic! yes, i know its always better to be busy with what you love... and with the job, it almost becomes a way of life after sometime... important thing is not to let it shadow our life completely. its just a part of life and not a way of life itself :)

Child Woman said...

thats so true what srinivas said...we think wrk is a way of life...i guess ther r higher and more fetching things in life which pass the flutter of the eye bcoz they r so important yet they r ther all the time for us to fall back our family or hobbies or say even that green tree round the corner spread out beautifully .... waiting for someone to shadow today!

Keshav said...

@Srinivas & @Child Woman:

Thanks for the advice! I fully understand that work is a part of life, not the way to it! I myself am a rigid follower of the belief that there are things with much higher priority in life to do!!

But work is one of those!! And I had not been doing it honestly for quite some time now!

Apps said...

true true .. state of mind O:)
Wishing you peace :)

Keshav said...

Thank you!!
And I wonder why would you wish me peace of mind! I already have plenty of it! :D