Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My wild wish ...

"O humdum suniyo re.. O jaaniya suniyo se.."

Just like that! With a headphone on, blasting melodies at it's peak, me cruising fast on my dream machine, feeling the mildly hot wind brush through my hair, waving tata-bye-byes to the unknown travellers of the road, ocassionaly dropping by on the roadside dhabas with the traditional khats on, plunging on the spicy chicken and the huge glass of salty lassi, burping a bit, carrying on again, dropping by another road side tea stall for a hot and strong cup of tea.... finally reaching to my unusual destination for holidays - Punjab, is all what I want to dream now!

Having worked heavily for such a long strech, now all I want is a long holiday.. or atleast a nice dream of a long holiday... all alone! Me and nature! And nature to me is not woods.. it's the countryside - the huge banyan trees, the vast endless streches of sugarcane or paddy feilds, the monotonous but melodious tone of the motor pump, the sound of flowing water, the dusty un-tarred roads, the site of bullock carts, a few ponds with kids diving in and out, women washing clothes by the side, a temple at the corner of the pond with some Anup Jalota bhajans!

And to top all - I need my radio with AIR - my sole entertainer, with it's golden melodies! (No FM can replace AIR's Vividh Bharati!)

Ah! I miss my village! It's been six years now, that I last went there! Or to put it differently - I suddenly am missing North India.

Desperately want to go for a holiday!

And now, I have decided - the first thing I am doing post release of my code is going for a trip somewhere! Anywhere - even Mysore will do!

So my little miser sister! Be ready and prepared - you are coming along!

And I am seriosly in a mood for spending! I am gonna hog like pigs!


Kanishka Agiwal said...

Since when were you from Punjab??

Keshav said...

Kannu, You are impossible!

Read properly again! It's a holiday destination!

Apps said...

Thats a good wish O:).. but wild (???) .. I'm sure you can think of wilder :PP
Love the description of the paddy fields... can I add sunflower fields to that :X.. I miss train journeys...

Keshav said...

Wild in the sense. .that I cant afford to go there.. no leaves! :(

And have you ever been on a bullock cart ride? It's much more fun than anyother thing!

And don't talk about trains.. come with me sometime.. 52 hrs straight and then you would realise!

Apps said...

poor bull :( I don't like bullock carts or any similar means of transport.X(

Sharon said...

I also needed that holiday break!!!

Keshav said...

@appu: Why poor bull!!! Have you ever wondered what an amazing life the bull has!! They get paid for what they do!! I envy them! :D

But trust me.. it's fun.. moreover.. though it's called a bullock cart.. it's actually pulled by an ox!

@sharon: Thanks for visiting. You don't seem to be from India, then how could you relate to my fancy?

Srinivas said...

even i am a travel freak. turning into a somewhat compulsive traveller now. especially with my liking for photography! you must realise your wish sometime soon! :)

Keshav said...

I am very serious about realising it this time!

Overheard about some place near Mysore, where a resort overlooks a near by river, and you can go fishing!

Planning to go next month begining!
Suggestions welcome!

Abdulla syed said...

if u really want to up u`r spirits,
fishing is not the thing.

biking is the best thing, carry a good back support belt and u would like it.

Child Woman said...

hey keshav!...i never knew u write so wel!!....wher wer u all thes days....ill make sure ill visit ur blog everyday :)

Keshav said...

@abdulla: Hmm.. seriously considering your suggestion.. but no back support available! :(

@Child Woman: Thanks for the appreciation! Do visit my blog!

Apps said...

We need more posts!!! I'm bored of logging on to ur page n seeing the same old blog.. com'on lets have a brand new super duper blog!