Friday, June 10, 2005


Sitting in an over-conditioned lab, trying frantically to fix a bug, to meet an extremely impossible deadline, all you want is peace of mind and a hot cup of coffee!

Well.. for some time I had both, the code which had went dead for no reasons, suddenly coughed back into life, playing a video from Judgement day! And Coffee at the Coffee day outlet was unusually strong!

It was around 8.30 at night, I was way too involved into my code, that I didn't realise that there was a decent looking, though plump, female sitting with me in the lab. Poor she, looked totally annoyed, it seemed that she had no clue about the happenings in her code. Perhaps, she was in a more desperate situation than mine!

May be she actually was.. Bitch!! Suddenly, I could sense something unusual around me! The overly conditioned room was suddenly suffocating me! How could it be possible!

I had all the settings and mood to work till 10, then why was I getting distracted!
After a couple of minutes, I noticed a meek smile on her face, the kind you notice on small kids' faces when their adventure isn't caught by anyone!

Then, it clicked to my mind.. that the Bitch had farted! Bloody idiot!


Apps said...

LMAO.... that teaches you a lesson for staying back late night and wrking.

Keshav said...

Man.. no civic sense!! Could not even warn me in advance!!!

Apps said...

Warn you ??? ROTFL

Keshav said...

Whatever!! But admit.. it was a disgusting thing!!!

Srinivas said...


Arch Storm said...

wat do u expect an alarm on her head to start flashing ;)

Keshav said...

At least this much civic sense, that once she sensed it coming, she sould have walked out!

Srinivas said...

hey - long time, no new posts??