Monday, May 30, 2005

Totally Random

My first heavy casuality because of Bangalore rains - lost my window. Yes, a full window along with the frame, not just the panes!

Got hold of an amazing and thought provoking book at a cheap rate on a roadside shop - later realized it's among current international bestsellers.

Got upset with my sister for the first time in last 10 months - Feel really sorry and hurt for hurting her, but my reasons were right.

This reminds me, I am a happy guy - have finally managed to control my temper.

Watched a hen hatching it's eggs for the first time in life - all mothers are same.

Noticed a gang of small school girls last night, each having a cell phone of her own - Is it a fashion statement or their guardians have no sense? Whatever, I strongly object to that trend.

Murphy's law holds true - Our office bus which generally comes before time has to come late, when it's raining heavily!

Lata Mangeshkar must retire now! She sounds pathetic these days - Even legends don't know when to stop - I am but a mortal!

Urmila matondkar sucks! Kareena Kapoor nad Aishwarya Rai suck even worse!

Punctual people make me really happy!

Reading books is the biggest entertainment - I realised it rather late!

My phone bill must be controlled.

I am fed up of being responsible - I want to live my age. I want to freak out - go crazy - I hate it when people say I am mature and level headed! I know I am not!

I know that I am not working sincerely - I had promised myself - but something in my head says this is not what I want. I feel guilty sometimes.

Salary day is approaching - I already have a tight budget for the next month.

I wonder why I can't live frugally - Perhaps because its not needed.

That brings me to realise that I have managed not to be spendthrift - since Feb, no personal buyings except books.

Rain makes people go crazy, I suppose. Why don't people drive cautiously, when it rains - my bus driver splashed so many people on their way to office.

Tomorrow is No smoking day - I fee llike rebeling for no reasons - Would try a smoke tomorrow.

I have to learn to be patient, and I have already started. It's paying too!

Cough syrups really work!

Enough - I am a little bonkers today!


Srinivas said...

geez - even a proper pseudorandom generator could'nt have done that! human brain beats all!

nicely randomized

Keshav said...

haha.. I said I am bonkers .. totally toinks..

Now don't ask what "toinks" means!!

Nitai said...

cool blog, Keshav. It is, in deed, such an interesting way to get in touch with all that has been happening in your life. While going through the posts, for a second, I could not place the Keshav I knew in these surrounds but perhaps, things will be better once I know more...

Keshav said...

Hey Nitai!! Nice to see you on my blog!

Perhaps, we have a lot more to catch on. Eagerly waiting to meet you once you come down!

roses-in-a-beer-mug said...

Yes..ur totally bonkers today :)

Keshav said...

Thank you busy-be(!)..

It's so difficult to keep in mind that I must call you busy-be(!) and not what you actually are!!!

Apps said...

Nice blog !! Refreshing I should say.. way to go Kekuuuu!

Keshav said...

Thank you is all I can say!!

Me all blushing!!

roses-in-a-beer-mug said...

What i actually am? ;)... well .. i don't want to knw :)

Keshav said...

Hmm.. I feel the time has come to disclose true busy-be(!) to the world!