Thursday, May 26, 2005

My fancy!!

Boredom can do wonders!

It seems Bangalore Electricity Board has finally decided that residents of Airport Road have had enough of their share of fun, and that's probably why, they cut power in our locality at the drop of every hat!!


Hmm.. So just to kill time, with no current, no freedom to sit on terrace and romance with the stars and moon(it's been raining for quite a few days now!!), and only one candle in the house to share with my sister who was cooking, what else could have been better than to just fancy about material things I would love to have!!

I thought and thought and thought for a long time.. and came up with a loooooooong list of such items.. And I must say I was afraid even to fancy them for killing time.. they are so damn costly!!!

Ya.. my own list of material possesions I would love to have and in reality can only dream to have.

But there was one thing in the list which I really fancy for, almost daily, everytime I see that thing in possesion of someone else, I envy that person, I crave for it, I am mad about it!!

I don't know if it is going to be financially feasible in long run, but I most certainly plan to get it, once I decide the time is right!!

Don't laugh people.. it's Royal Enfield's Thunderbird!!

It's a gusty dream, having nothing but a long expired learner's licence, a very pathetic history at riding bikes, all I dream about is this real machine!!

But who cares, it's a fancy, and I can choose whatever I like!!



Preetam said...

yess - like you can keep it for show!

Keshav said...

Grrrr..... How dare anyone mock my fancy!!


Srinivas said...

hmm... thunderbird and an expired learner's licence??

Preetam said...

easy dude - just kiddin'

Keshav said...

@Srini - how much ever ironical it might sound, yet true! :(

But having an expired license doesn't mean I don't know riding a bike!!!

@Preetam -Me kidding too!

Kanishka Agiwal said...

Finally Keku has started receiving comments for his posts!! Congrats!!

Keshav said...

Duh!! As if I wrote for comments!!
But a welcome change indeed!!

Sangeeta said...

Kewl..may u get what ur heart desires...

Keshav said...

Thanks Sangeeta!