Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Nature Attacks!

Yesterday was no different when my relations with Rain God are to be taken into picutre. It seems I have rubbed him some wrong way, that he always looks out for ways to take his revenge!

As if loss of three window panes and later a full window, was not enough, he caught me totally unaware and unprepared last evening! Poor me, was already in dumps, as I had been just informed, that the external TV tuner, which I had happily given for repair, relaxing over the fact that it was covered under warranty, was totally burnt from inside. And burnt items are not covered under the warranty. It was damaged to the extent that when I suggested the shopkeeper if a repair was possible, all he did was smiled!

So, I left office rather early around 5.45 pm and took my office bus which goes to SP road. And that was the worst mistake I did, the moment bus started moving, rain also started.

I had never seen such heavy rain in my 5 years of stay in Bangalore, and I am not exaggerating, but I saw a Maruti Esteem floating on the road near Ulsoor - CMH Road intersection, with the whole area looking like a Tsunami site! We were stranded in the bus for over an hour at the same spot, with water covering the first two steps of our bus. People were unable to move, standing helplessly in thigh deep water, autos were floating all around, bikes and bicycles being washed away!

And after it stopped raining after almost two hours, all hell broke loose in Bangalore. It took my bus another one hour to move from Trinity circle to Lifestyle, where I finally gave up and postponed the plan of buying a new tuner.

I thought I was smart, and chose a dry spot to get down from the bus, but to my surprise I realised I had gotten down right in the center of the road, with a traffic inspector there for company, and it was an island! I was trapped there for another 20 minutes when a samaritan lady felt pity for me, and offered me a lift to the nearest mainland!

After another 20 minutes I got the sight of first moving auto, and all poor driver asked me as the favour, for dropping me to my home was a mere 200/-. No one can imagie my disgust at that instant, but since I am under temper control therapy, all I offered him in return was a Munna Bhai MBBS kind meek laugh! Finally managed to get an auto on shared basis after almost 40 minutes of total wait.

I think ladies were a bit too generous on me last night, for the other fellow passenger was also a lady!

Anyhow.. reached home at around 9.. happy and a little proud that even during this extreme crisis, I managed to defeat the Rain God, as not a single drop of water touched me or my clothes!!

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