Monday, May 23, 2005

Punctual ladies - a myth!

Gawd.... It's pathetic to wait! It's even worse if you have to wait for over an hour with no one around for company, and every onlooker giving you a weird look!

Thanks to the friend I was waiting for! Mind you, she is a girl, and that's why she is born with the right to come late.

Why are all girls crazy about defying punctuality? Well.. I say all girls, because till date, all the girls I have known or met, have never, NEVER come on time.

My best friend, all my close friends, my sisters, my mum, my female relatives, my female colleagues, my friends' girl friends, and all other female aquaintances I have met, are all late comers.

And given the punctuality maniac I am, it really gives me a food for thought!!

God save men from females who are late comers! Hold on.. then there would be no females left to talk to!!

Ok.. I know I am going to get flames on this blog... but what the heck! It's a true observation, and I need some point to take a trip of these girls whom I know. Though I might be a feminist, but afterall I am one of those male chauvinist pigs!



Arjun Karande said...

When everyone you know loves green, but you love blue, doesn't it make you the odd man out? Try coming late once in a while. Make others wait. Only you won't! :))

Keshav said...

When everyone's eating shit, I am not a fool to do so!! :D

Oh.. by the way.. there are quite a few male friends also who are extremly punctual, just like the one who just commented above!! ;P

Appu said...

Not a mention of me X(
How could you do this Keshav.. after giving me all the crap that you do even when I'm only 15 femtoseconds late :D...

Keshav said...

After the tragic Monday blunder.. how can I do so dear!!! :P

Well.. see I didn't mention any name.. but people can't feeling I aimed them..

guilty feelings!! Is it!!

appu said...

We'll name it the 'Early Monday Morning Catastrophe' .. it'll be labelled as black monday for years to come :PP

Keshav said...

Better we remeber it as the catastrophical tragedy that led to the flooding of Gmail server... amn more than 135 mails!!!


Crouching Tigress said...

I cannot disagree with you completely only cause I have been made to wait for eons by women!(item: Im one too, somehow). At the same time, guys arnt any different. So its really nothing to do with the gender!(my views, of course)

"All generalisations are false including this one" lol

:) think about it

Keshav said...

Crap!! I thought I would get flames..and here I get comments by ladies accepting their fault, though in a typical ladies' way, not completly agreeing!!

@searchinformrmojorisin- Thanks for accepting this!! :D

And I never said guys don't come late.. they do, like the first commenter, who masters the art!!

But I had my experiences with girls a lot more often!!!