Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Nature God was too kind last evening! It was one of those heavenly evenings that I wish I could always see.

Sitting on my terrace, seeing the sun setting down in west, with the skyline turning scarlet... and the wind blowing feircly over my face.. Having a cup of hot tea with a little snack, sitting casually in my Kutra Payjamas..feeling the wind blow through it.. reading a great book, occasionaly watching the city in a mad rush to reach home, traffic clogged..horns honking, watching couples walk hand in hand.. aeroplanes taking off defying gravity.. challenging the wind...

Wow ..it was so amazing.. absolutely wonderful until someone said something itchy to the Nature God.. and he turned mad..

All my romance with evening went for a toss.. lights went off, it rained heavily, so heavily that I couldn't even keep my doors open, winds blew fiercly.. so feircly that two of my window panes broke, all my house was full of dust.. :((

I had to sleep without any power, enjoying the mosquitoes humming around my ears, occasionaly stopping to feed themselves.

But still.. the evening was wonderful.. One of those rare streches of time in my day, when I don't want anyone.. don't think about anyone..

I absolutely loved it!


roses-in-a-beer-mug said...

Sounds heavenly keks, I love evenings like that too..so peaceful. And when you have a good book to read..nothing like it. What were u reading. Nice post!!

Keshav said...

Thanks busy be!

Well I feel it might shock you if I tell you the book's name - "Made in Japan" by Akio Morita. Totally unromantic - huh!!

BTW I forgot to mention about ghazals by Jagjeet Singh, in the back ground!! I love them!!

roses-in-a-beer-mug said...

Not necessarily..It sounds like heavy reading, but must be a good book. Ghazals, slow songs, romantic songs make one nostalgic. Shudn't listen to music like that :)

Keshav said...

Not really heavy.. quite interesting though! To me, the best book so far! A must read!

And ghazals!! - man, specially Jajgeet Singh and Pankaj Udhas are amazing.. give me the same high as Floyd or Metallica gives to English lovers!

Listen to them for a change!!

Srinivas said...

never tried ghazals - will try sometime.
as of now, its definitely metallica and velvet revolver for me! :D

Keshav said...

Trust me, you won't be dissapointed! I have tried both and I know both have their own joy!!

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