Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Government!!!! Wake up!!

Yesterday I went to SP road to get my TV Tuner card repaired.. thankfully it's still under warranty, so I don't have to shell out cash for repair!!

Ok.. but that is not the point why I am writing this blog.

After I was done with my work there, I chose to walk around a bit, and happened to come across this sidey cinema theater, screening some "Pyasi - Jawani - Tarapta - Buddha" kind movie. Trust me, I didn't see the name of the movie, as I could not dare to look around, for there were a lot many females walking down the street.

And there I noticed was a guy from a decent family, in his late teens, a school chap for sure. He was standing strategically near a pan shop, hidden from the world, enjoying his fag alone, and occasionally eying the passing girls. From no angle, he appeared to be more than 16 or max 17, and I am sure he was waiting there for the show to begin, so that he could see a few fat ladies and a couple of bastard men making out, and other people around passing weird comments. That show would definitely teach him a few swear words.. and the next day he could brag infront of his friends.

I don't say that he shouldn't watch adult movies, but not until he is an adult. And that too, not in a cheap sidey theater like that! We don't realise, but that way he would be picking up more bad habits like the swears I mentioned, or for that matter smoking which I think he would have picked up from there in order to kill time.

I know people would raise questions asking me if I have restricted myself from doing so. Trust me or not.. I have. I was totally unaware of the existence of porn movies until I had moved into the hostel in College, and I refrained myself from seeing those till as late as my 4th sem, until I felt I needed to know more.

And the fact that I enjoy it today as any other normal guy of my age would do, is just a plain fact, and there is nothing more beyond that.

But I strongly feel that 16 or 17 is not the right age for all this. That is the time when our mind has so many questions everyday, so many changes that have occured in our body that intrigue us...that any wrong information or cheap education can make us go drastically wrong!! And more importantly, that's the time to study hard!!

Now I know why these days we hear most of the rape cases being done by young boys, or minor school stundents being caught on tape doing such acts.

Government!!!! Wake up!!


Sangeeta said...

and schools too..make sex education compulsory in all the schools. i even hate the way boys 'talk' abt gurls.. my jaw almost touched the floor when a 13 yr old asked another in my bldg...teri 'item' kaise hai? ugggh

if this is what they think abt gurls...wonder whats gonna happen next..i mean we've already heard abt school boys molesting kids..whatever next?

Keshav said...

Yes Sangeeta, probably you are right! But do you think our society is ready for such a change yet?

I myself have noticed amongst my relatives, how the parents/guardians get uncomfortable with movies or videos showing explicit sex scenes, and how unconvincingly they change the channel! Even I do that with kids around!

Even in school, when we were in 9th and we had our first introductory chapter about human anatomy, my lady teacher skipped the chapter!

We all need to change a lot, including me!!

Srinivas said...

The problem is that its been considered taboo since ages. Its gonna take a long time to make any progress in that lane.

If at all there's anything we can do that would help...

Keshav said...

The only that needs to be done is that we stop saying we would change, as you and me have been doing, and change!!

[snip]Keshav: We all need to change a lot, including me!! [/snip]

[snip]If at all there's anything we can do that would help... [/snip]