Monday, May 09, 2005

I am a nut!

Early Monday morning when things are bright and beautiful, when you are fresh after a long weekend and everyone is enthusiastic about the coming week, when there is hope all around, when there is too much work for indulgence.. I as always screw my day up!

Get misunderstood as always, upset my mood for that, and ultimately start believing in my own crappy joke and end up asking a stupid, dead and long settled question - and thus move back twice the distance that I actually had strolled forward with great zeal!

I have this nag of asking stupid uncomfortable questions at the weirdest hours and what's worse I mostly am asking with a light heart! And may be my fault - these are very sensitive questions - I end up hurting the pesron whom I care for, and thus hurt myself.

I hope the issue doesn't get carried on and others never know about it. Its tough to bridge the distance twice!

I know the people who must read this and understand it, seldom do it... but incase they do read it in time - I am terribly sorry!

I am a nut!

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