Monday, May 09, 2005

I hate gray!

Bit level world is so neat! No problems, everything is either a 0 or a 1 - nothing in transitive state, all mutually exclusive!

I wonder why do we need to live in such complex surroundings where everything you do or face could have a million possibilities? Why every single doubt has to have a million answers or explainations?

Why that everything which possibly can be seen either in a black or a white, has to be given the shades of gray? When we can assign each and every attribute, an explicit 0 or an explicit 1, then why to take a weighted average of these exclusive numbers and make it gray?

You like X because of certain whites you see in him, and don't like the same X for certain blacks he possesses - but why do I need to try to see all the whites and blacks together and mess up with the individualtiy of each of the exclusive whites or blacks? I might love a person for certain whites and hate the very same for certain blacks, but why do I need to love or hate a person overall - though the weight of blacks may prompt me to do so, but isn't that irrational?

Atleast I don't judge people in shades of gray. For me, everyone has his/her exclusive shades of whites and blacks - and I love or hate a person based on the individual merits/demerits of the colors - not the overall person. I have known many close people in my life, my family, friends - who have exposed the most black shades of their characters, and no doubt I truly hate them for that - but I love them with equal passion and honesty for the shades of whites they possess, which they have rubbed me with to attain more variations of white in my character!

We just need to understand that everyone's not perfect - everyone has his own hidden blacks and hidden whites - just because at a particular point of time certain blacks are more dominant, we shouldn't forget the whites or vice versa and in the course label the individual with a dirty, dull, and meaningless shade of gray!

I try to follow it .. and trust me it gets really tough to adopt it.. every black you face prompts you to assign a gray to the character, but its really tough to catch the whites...and ironically once you spot the white, it doesn't prompt to label the character with a bright shade!

Life never ceases to amaze me with its peculiarities!


Srinivas said...

someone said once that the bad things others do must be written down on books of sand and the good things carved on a block of stone. things written on sand can be erased but the stuff on stone can never be.
nice to say that thing - but extremely difficult to follow...

Keshav said...

Extremely difficult to follow because we are always insecure that the other person might not be doing the same!!

Atleast with me, this is the case!