Thursday, May 05, 2005

So finally the rapist got a life imprisonment as his punishment!

But I am not happy! He must have been hanged till death!

I wonder why in India, we have different set of rules for the same crime in different scenarios. There was a liftman in Calcutta who brutally raped one of the residents of the flat where he worked, killed her after that... and for that, after almost 11 years serving in jail, he got death penalty. And there was so much of hue and cry over that!

And here in this case, there is this guy who rapes a nurse in hospital, brutally assaults her, blinds her by poking his fingers into her eyes, and still escapes with just life term. That too, if all this wasn't enough, he goes down to the cheap tactic of proposing marriage with the victim as a compensation. And our court and it's judge go in awe to his proposal!

They even dared to ask the girl if she would consider this option. I feel asking her this was more severe an insult than being raped by the beast. She pledges to the judicial system to award him the severest of the punishments, and yet he escapes with just a life term.

And this sucks!


Arjun Karande said...

Sometimes a life term is worse than death. If you are even a little guilty over what you have done, you have plenty of time just to think over what you have done, all alone. Death is but am easy way out.

Yes, I know that you can get pretty comfortable in jail in the corrupt system we have today, but still, the principle of life sentences still hold.

Keshav said...

I don't think someone doing such crimes can ever be feeling moral guilt! And yes, though death is an easy way out to punish for the crime, but in such crimes that's the ultimate need!

You must set examples by punishing them to death, just to make people think a million times before letting the beasts in them free!

Arjun Karande said...

Well I'd think a million times even if I'm facing a life sentence. Anyway that's another issue we're getting into - the need for capital punishment.

Keshav said...

You would think is a different thing, but that would not undo the crime you have done!

Crouching Tigress said...

my first reaction was "hang him to death." A life sentence in India isnt even a life sentence! punishment..dont think that will ever happen in the case of rapists in india..esp when society urges the victim to get married to the fuckin beast!
Anyway, i was happy to see someone blogging abt social issues.

Keshav said...

Finally I got someone, who supports my viewpoints!