Monday, April 11, 2005

Ramaiah's -- Sanjeev Kapoor!!!

I was at my cookery best last weekends!! Cooking always has been a hobby that I truly enjoy practicing!

Well adjusting to work after a long break isn't always fun.. specially after you had a wonderland stay back your home! So the week at work seemed to be really taxing! (Little did I work to complain!! But still!) .. And given that there wasn't any plan to meet the pals on weekend, thought might as well oblize my sister with a feast!

Went home around 8.. had asked my sister to cook chicken!! Poor she!! Had to get down and go to the market to buy it ( after a lot of cajoling)!! And after she got those... I decided to step in and take the command! And not to boast ... but it turned out really well!!

Nothing special actually!! Went for a jolly ride as usual with Amit.. in the course convinced that miser to buy a pair of shoes that he had been admiring since last Summer...poor chap..not only did I influence him to shell out 2700 for a pair of shoes he didn't actually need, I forced him to buy a pair of jeans too! So back we come with that ass cursing me all aloud and vouching a return!!

As a compensation he demands me to cook something special for him!! After atleast two hours of confusion and debate, we all (Amit, Vipul, Rachit, Barun and Me) settled for Sandwitches! We start cooking at 11 at night ... and I decide to act smart and try something new... spent nearly 45 minutes trying to give some special shape to the bread pieces.. failed miserably and returned back to the normal tri-angular sandwitches. The masala turned out really well..

Lesson for the day: Cooking for 5 desperate pigs can be a suicidal decision!!

We had an amazing time that night... were up till 2.30 discussing a range of stuff from the weirdest and the most sleazy things to the most technical and intelligent talk.


Early morning (around 10.30), Amit the fat ass (we call him Golu for his round composition) comes and asks to cook something special and different!!
So I decide might as well cook something that my sister can also enjoy.. and made Poha (guess they call it Avallaki in Kannada). Was really tasty !!

All the bastards came to my house for time pass in the evening..(having a terrace can sometimes be a headache!! ;) )..
And suddenly Rachit decided he wanted to cook something... No one around there wanted to go for the gamble as his only other effort at cooking was not that well appreciated by our tummy!! And given it was Sunday night it was all very risky! So again I jumped in and made Egg curry and rice!! The insurmountable desire to try something new in cooking was satisfied when I successfully managed to make a different preparation of egg as I normaly do!!

So all in all.. it was a major fun filled weekend... with the dormant Sanjeev Kapoor in me coming out and adding to the little fun we all had!!

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