Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Back to grind!

Life has come back to the usual routine after a heavenly fortnight! Spending time at home with family is fun anyday!

Did so many start with ... read a couple of novels (a big achievement for me as I take months to finish one!)... hogged like a dying pig as if there is no tommorow! Played endless hours with my nieces.. the younger one is a queen!(though I have special attachement with my elder sweetheart!!) Met so few relatives(such a relief!)...was forced to catch up on so many spicey family stories!( I hate them!)...sadly, met no friends as none were there! Spent like a for almost everyone! It was so busy that even 9 days that I got to spend there were like a moment!

Now after coming back from wonderland, normal life seems frustrating! But the work load is so much that I have no time to relish those memories!

Sigh!! To make a livelihood how many sacrifices one has to give!!!

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