Friday, April 29, 2005

Our Society!

We are going back to those barbaric civilization days!

Last night saw news about such a barbaric and unhuman deed that I still am in shock whether I am a part of the same society!

A 73 year old mentally sick bastard was caught after one of his many victims dared to let the world know about his unhuman activities. The guy forcefully used to have sexual relations with the girls.. and guess the age of the girls..most of them were under 15!

This beast when caught by the police, asked for mercy on grounds of his age! What the f@#k ! He should have been shot then and there!

In another news a few weeks back, I saw that a 42 years old man was alleged to have been raping his two daughters one 18 years old, and the other a mere 13, for last two years!

What is happening to our society! Where are we going?

Why can't male race respect the females? Female race is the most sacred thing God has created, and they deserve to be respected.. they are the mothers, sisters, wives and loves of this whole male civilization.. and it's actually them who define what we proudly call as human race!

Such acts are a shame on the society.. and I feel ashamed to be a a mere observer who cannot do anything but blog it!


Rajdwip said...

ur blog gives me a idea that u tend to generalise a lot...don blame the entire male civilisation for those barbaric acts of those lunatics....this patriarchial society is the creation of so called weaker sex ( in fact they are much stronger ) ...

what ever a person does is entirely his responsibility...he n he should face its consequences...not us..i hate to see that ppl talking abt acts of cruelty done by males towards females , but have ppl ever notices when a girl kills her husband to marry one other guy....i don wanna drag all those instances here..the main thing which i wanna emphasize is that don generalize ur views for particular personal issues..this is jus blog keshav

Keshav said...

hey Rajdwip,

Don't take it in a bad taste, but you seem to be one of those many male chauvinists.

I didn't say that what wrong deeds women do is not to be hated, but ( much against your wish!) if you notice, in most cases its the men who do that!

Anonymous said...

Bravo keku... give it to those MCPs around!

Hima said...

It’s not about race or caste or society… It’s about people. It’s wrong for one person to hurt the other person... physically, emotionally, spiritually or any other way.

Rajdwip said...

" but you seem to be one of those many male chauvinists "

" MALE CHAUVINISM " is quite a big term..Acc to the Cambridge dictionary

male chauvinist (pig) noun [C] DISAPPROVING
a man who believes that women are naturally less important, intelligent or able than men, and so does not treat men and women equally

chauvinism [Show phonetics]
1 the strong and unreasonable belief that your own country or race is the best or most important

This is jus one of the other very famous cliches used in english language like vaoracious reader , clinical precision , eminent historian all these cases these two words come together by default...jus like these male n chauvinism comes together by deafult..that kinda menatlity needs a change...

what i was trying to put across was generalisation of an entire clan is not quite useful..instead of blaming the nuisances n male civilisation we should rather find the root of the problem n try to uproot it...

That would be far better thsn pointing ur fingers...

Keshav said...

@hima - you are right in a sense, but life doesn't always go that way. Sometimes you must do certain things that hurt others, but it's not your intension. And my feelings were not at all about those, they were about this inhuman and brutal bahaviour.

@rajdwip - man I told you not to take it in a bad taste - I didn't mean to make that point!

Keshav said...

@rajdwip - I was not generalising it without a cause. Did you hear/ read about this Shivsena crap that it's the women who are responsible for their rapes - they wear such provocative clothes and hence it's justified if thet get raped for it.

Do you really feel that's right? Aren't we men are putting conditions on women's life and are trying to reason our crimes the way we feel it might suit us!

This is what I was trying to say.. the male chauvinism comment wasn't for you to get hurt, it was just because you were defending something that was wrong on wrong grounds and with wrong reasoning!

@Anonymous - Dear Anonymous, thanks! But, please disclose your identity! If you call me Keku, then I can pretty well guess who you are, but still leave your name!

Rajdwip said...

hey keshav , i m not hurt nor would i be..i was trying to pull up a discussion out of it..n believe me it worked..after all what r blogs 4 ? ..healthy discussions..? right ?

n about shiv sena , i never beileved them nor thier ideologies . they are baseless.. i pity those shiv sainiks to be led by such a poor leader ..

yep , acts against women are on the rise but we need to see what exactly is making these ppl act against the women socity..thats where root cause analysis comes into picture ... troubleshoot backwards n we will come up with a much better world to live in