Thursday, April 28, 2005

Happy me!

ya ya.. I know you all think I am jobless! But infact I am not.. have so much to code..just giving break to my mind from the monotonous routine work!

Just heard about a very dear friend making through the screening rounds of JEE exams. To call him a friend is wrong may be.. he is more than that, like a younger brother to me.. too sweet and too shy!

Coming back to the news.. it made me jump with joy! I am over excited for him and his family..they are the best people I have met other than my family! Very dear and close members of my life!

Have you ever been so happy over the happiness that others get? I don't really know what makes me so happy about it.. he got through an exam, he worked hard and deserved it. so what? Perhaps, it's something that I understand because I myself have gone through that feeling! It's tough to crack JEE exams.. and perhaps more so.. because I know I wasn't serious when I took the test, or else I would have been somewhere else had I got a better rank.

Anyways.. why to think and analyse the reasons for being happy! I am happy and happily satisfied with that!

I wish him all the very very best for his future..more because I really love his parents and know how much they want their children (including me) to succeed in life.

knowing them (including me!) Iknow they will succeed and be better human beings!

I am really happy and jumping!! :)

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