Monday, May 02, 2005


The person who should have died at the very begining of this shitty movie - Vivek Oberoi - doesn't! And that's the only prayer I kept repeating throughout the movie!

I see him on road - and there he dies! Better keep off me you ass!

The worst movie I've seen this year -- yeah even worse than Lucky! Atleast there you knew you had to eat shit, here, it comes as a total surprise, with loads and loads of them thrown at the viewer every five minutes -- and to better the taste -- there is excessive sound effect, with the leading ladies shedding their clothes every now and then.

You would love to see Ajay Devgan -- a role of his lifetime -- I am out of words to complement his effort -- those ( supposedly witty) break - your -head - out - of - frustration kind of One liner Pjs are the best that he has offered to the viewers!

A must watch for those oppressed poor husbands or wives who don't have the guts to shout back at their better halves! It will give you the mental trauma to spit out that frustration on anyone!

And why am I so amused? Well people I spent 200/ bucks on that crap and couldn't even get out of the theater, because my sister was enjoying it!

What a pity!


Srinivas said...


My heart-felt condolences... I'm definitely not going to get dragged along to that movie by anyone!

Blossom said...

I watched the movie yesterday! Its loads and loads of crap!! what was SRK and Karan Johar thinking?!!

Keshav said...

I tried to help others by warning them in advance!! you came late lady!!

But seriously, only people with digestive problems would appreciate the actors farting on screen! I would kill Vivek Oberoi, if I get hold of him!!

I am so damn frustrated by his very name!! x(