Thursday, April 28, 2005

Noticed this advertisment that comes on telivision these days.. everyone must have seen it.. the Airtel one with Sharukh and Sachin!!

What a terrible thing it is? ever tried listening to what sachin says... he sounds pathetic there.. almost staggering like a child.. "harna hai kya".. he is so out of place there!

Just because he is a celebrity, he can't sell everything! Sometimes it backfires!!

And thinking how much airtel would have spent on such a crappy campaign makes me sick.. two of the most sorted after celebs.. and such a ridiculous ad!

And compare that with this India campaign .. it's awsome! I really enjoy watching it everytime it comes.. (well, the guy in it reminds me of of a short pricky friend of mine is another matther!).

Or take the new sprite ad.. Clear hai!! Cool it is! and compare the amount they spent against that spent by Coke and Pepsi! not that these ads aren't creative, but
isn't it creditable to make more impact by spending less!

The point is.. its not the name that always sells, creativity does matter!

And todays customers are not quality illeterate! You need to think out of box,to fool them.

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