Thursday, March 17, 2005


This week has been one of those rare ones when I am terribly jobless, when I dont really deserve to!

At first, it was a welcome break. Having worked my ass off in the last two months I very well deserved it! But now, its getting difficult for me. It's like once getting used to all work, suddenly you find no work -- this void is a little distracting!

Not that I have no work. Enough is there that I can easily keep myself busy for another couple of months! But circumstances have decided to give me rest!

When I desperately need to test my code on target, one of the targets is misbehaving for reasons known to no one! And for a team of 20 desperate engineers, the poor client has provided a few too many -- 4 boards! As if this was not enough, they need a demo delivery on next Monday, so we must fully test our code. Having owner of a controller module, I must be panting with workload, but luckily (or rather unluckily) the driver codes must be tested to work first, than the controller! so that brings me the gift of no work!

I decided to act smart and try to test as much as possible on Host itself! Thought that would keep me involved for quite sometime! But alas! I suddenly become over productive, and that job is done! Thanks to the constant bickering that my lead and I used to have that I had developed a very stable and portable test environment! Hence porting it was no issue!

Now I am pretty frustrated with myself! I need work.. these bastards have blocked all the chat servers, all the mail servers that I can disturb a few desperate friends!! None of my friends are free enough to mail! To top that my lead is on leave.. poor chap! Ate something fiery that his tummy has a leak!!! So without him around I have absolutely no one left to argue with or plan!

All the other fuckers in my office who share the same frequency are unluckily busy or have their appraisal in near future! So most of them are either working or pretending work!!

I sometimes wonder, where in the world am I stuck! This place is a village! Can't even think of going out for timepass! you step out and bite highway dust!

Why cant they make it mandatory in offices? No work -- then move your butt off your seat and go home .. Take rest!

When you know that you have to somehow pass 9 hrs in office with no work.. then your body repels at the very thought of getting up of the bed, after a long lovely night's sleep! And these fuckers out here dont even consider this as a sacrifice!

Life is a battle! And joblessness is the deadliest weapon we fight against!

(I regret what I wrote in my last post!)

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