Friday, March 11, 2005

Special birthday!

Had probably the best birthday till date!

Started with that call at midnight that I had been waiting for so long! Some things never change.

My dear and closest friends tried giving me a real surprise at my own house with my sister also a part of it! Though I got to know about this at the last moment is another matter! ;)

Still was really touched by the gesture. It made me feel special!

Was busy on phone all day long! Never knew I had so many well wishers.. some really shocking calls! It was so nice and sweet of them to remember me even after college, that too when I wasn't that close to them!

Went for my treat at Indijoe on Airport Road! Nice place.. though a little on the higher side, but still worth a try specially for non-veg lovers.

A blunder in ordering landed me with Beef infront of me! Had my reservations against beef and pork, but still thought should try it once. And it was yummy to the core!
Even tried a hand at Red Wine - I feel White wine is much better, because you get to feel the liquor going down your throat! That's what people might be looking in a drink, I guess!

All in all a very nice day that gave nice memories to stay for a long time to come!

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