Monday, March 14, 2005

Falling sick is fun!

Haha... after almost an year I fell sick! Life rocks when you are sick! I feel like a king with parents calling every other hour and sister sitting there to take orders! Sounds moronic! But I really love it!

But I would have preferred a stong fever rather than this pathetic tummy ache (acidity!). Tummy aches are the worst! They suck! But the joy associated with being sick overcomes all the pain!

Weekend was fun... had all reasons in the world to reject my friends' request to give them company for silly work!(Except for the short little hobbit! :) ) Almost finished the novel that I have been reading for last 3 months!'s still almost!!!

Isn't it fun, when you do everything as you normally do, but then people around you feel like.. Oh.. look at this brave sick .. still managed to attend devoted!

Devoted...balls! ;)

I feel like a 10 year old kid right now.. but then this office binds me to behave like one! So sad!


P.S. : Contradictory to what I myself wrote sometime back..joblessness is fun ..though sometimes..! I am fully enjoying it! Hurray!

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