Friday, March 04, 2005

Abolish junk posts!

Politics again made a mockery of democracy! What the hell! I serioulsy doubt and wonder why India chose to be a democracy! I personally feel that Indian politics and democracy are totally contradicting!

On one hand you have this large chunk of asshole politicians, and on the other we have what we call democracy --we learnt that in Social Sciences-- "A governement by the people, for the people and of the people".

Who in the world can call a party with a mere 26 MLAs to form a government, when you know that you need a solid 41 to RULE the dumb masses! How can a person on whom the responsibilty of the expectations of the whole state lies, act in such an incredible fashion?

I wonder what made Mr Syed Sibtey Razi believe that the so called UPA alliance whose members bitterly fought against each other have a support of 42 members, and not NDA, who gave a written and duly signed list of 41 MLAs, of which all the crucial 5 independents were personally present to reassure him?

This brings me to question, why in the world do we require these so called rubber stamp posts of Governers and the President? Had our so much beloved Iron Lady Late Indira Gandhi not ammended our holy constitution, just to serve her dictatorial ambitions, these posts would have made sense. The makers of our constitution were not fools that they created these posts, but when our POLITICIANS have restructured and ammended our constitution, way too many times to serve their ambitions, these posts are nothing but a liabilty on the nation! Can't these same f@#$!ing politicains abolish these posts?

Just thinking about the fact, how much the nation spends on providing luxary to these dumb jobless people, makes me feel sick and furious! What does a Governor or for that matter our president do? Host dinners, visit other countries as India's representatives, give a pre-prepared speech as ordered by the ruling party, take guard of the country's armed forced on Republic day, attend opening ceremonies of a few high profile events, cause traffic havoc in whichever city they visit. A governor in fact does even less.. most of the time holidaying in some part of the country!

How much does the nation spend on feeding them... they are provided with a fleet of luxary cars, a whole array of body guards, so many staff -- all this for what? Why in the world, would a family need a 172 roomed president house? Just because the constitution identifies him as the 1st pesron of India?

And for all this favour the nation does to them, they offer us a sold soul! Why man -- doesn't this frustrate the masses! Did Mr Razi sell his conscience before inviting UPA?

Not that I have a pro NDA approach or a hatred for UPA -- both are equally responsible -- everyone has his own personal likings -- everyone gets tempted to do things which benefit him, whether justified or not. But according to me, when the hopes and trust of so many people are entrusted upon you, you cant afford to go wrong! Afterall a judge has to be neutral!

Not that I am against democracy -- it's the most beautiful concept in terms of social engineering, but in current scenario it is not what India needs, though it deserves it!

This is why I sometimes wonder if India needs a dictator with some moral! Atleast for sometime!


Kanishka Agiwal said...

Keku, lot of spelling mistakes in the post. Correct them. Shall comment on the post during the course of the day.

Keshav said...

Ya.. I realised it... but then its the reasoning that matters! (Actually too lazy to make changes! ;))