Thursday, January 13, 2005

I am so fed up with compiling the code on hardware!


Wasted the whole day trying to make a project of my code on the hardware..actually we have to use Real View Developer's Suite to make a project as our code has to work on ARM processor! (As if it makes any sense.. but I am pissed and would write what I feel like !)

The same fucking code which is well tested and compiled on msdev is acting like crazy when I am trying to compile it on RVDS! And why not! Poor code of mine!! It has to be integreted with PrKernel Micro Itron code(RTOS)..and that crappy OS has got 636 *.C files to be added..

Each time I make a change in one of my C files to accomodate the configuration of RVDS environment... the compiltion takes half an hr.. And the end result is -- "more errors!!"

I am so fed up... no clue about the error messages.. something or the other to do with OS's assembly code! Had I studied Assembly properly that these warnings/errors would have made some sense!!!

And to top my sorrow, this assembler does not have a proper documentation like MSDN..and my module lead is also on leave!!

Me pulling my hair!!!!

Why was I so desperate for this hardware test man!!! God save me!


Kanishka Agiwal said...

Very easy...use gdb to debug the code. The core file can be run with gdb for you to get the stack trace and once you have the stack trace just add the necessary #defines. The code will definitely work!!

Keshav said...

Thanks for the advise my dear friend! I never knew you were such a nerd! By the way.. my code is for no GDB :(

Kanishka Agiwal said...

Wrong usage in "advise". It should be "advice". Advise is when you advise somebody. When you receive it it is called advice.

Keshav said...

Thanks for your "advice" dude!