Thursday, January 13, 2005

Finally done with software testing!

Hey! Finally after a week long struggle to enjoy writing test stubs and testing my module's code, its finally done! And I am really happy and relieved that none of my functions failed even once! Thanks to my module head (and some credit to me too :) )

This comes with more I am about to start testing the same code on hardware. Real Hardware !! Man..I have been waiting for so long to see the code working on real stuff.. my own piece of code will guide the hardware to open or close the tray..shall move the spindle..rotate the exciting!

I have waited for long enough..since Feb 2004, I have been waiting.. friends have had good humour out of this long project.. I myself have cursed my company and my decision to join it many a times.. but all forgiven now!

I am really excited!
Next week is going to be really important! Waiting for it..too anxious and excited!

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