Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hell lot of work!

Too much of work is pending on me! I have not been concentrating on my work for the last one week.
And this is not good! I must not mix professional commitments with personal life.

And now when I cannot help myself with my pesonal life... let me get totally involved in work...so that I dont think about myself anymore.

I know my ownself.. I would never give up hopes on certain things, I would wait. But till I am in social contact.. whether office or friends or family... I must not and would not let my personal life reflect on my behaviour.

I dont know how long can I cope up with this make shift arrangement... but I must devise ways to carry on.. now when I am all by my own, all alone!

Let me forget it! Its office and I must work...

That rmeinds me of the changed office timings....

I sometimes wonder how little things build up and ultimately affect you.

I remember in June 2004, my bus timings for my office used to be 8.35 am..and we used to be at our desks by 9 sharp... then gradually came a time somewhere around September 2004, that 9 am got stretched to 9.25 am and then to counter it, out bus timings changed to 8.25 am. And now within 7 months ... the traffic on Airport road has forced our comapany to change its working hours..from 9 to 8.45 am and that makes our bus timings at 8 in morning! Its too early, but still things change gradually ... its a universal truth... whether personal life or society on the whole. And we learn to live with it... some make peace with it..and some make peace with the pain!

Way too much to do... I have to slog like crazy... I know if I work till 10 pm today and tomorrow.. I can meet my deadline! And I will.... afterall I have to live my own expectations of never being late!

So better get going!

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