Friday, January 28, 2005

7 months as an employee!

Today I complete my seven months in Elxsi as a regular employee! Coincidently, coming 10th (Feb), I will complete an year of my association with my company.

Professionally its not at all a long time. I have learnt quite a few new things, have honed a few skills that I possess, have got to know a few areas of improvement.

But this is not enough! I still have a lot to learn, explore many new fields, discover new possibilities, and satisfy myself professionaly.

During my stay here, I discovered that knowingly or unknowingly, I have started thinking about doing an MBA. Not that it is a professional demand, or that I really am management oriented. It has something to do with the inefficiency in the managers I see here. I believe that given a chance I can definitely out perform them. But currently, I would not venture into that. I must first qualify as a good software engineer. At present I like my job..

Sooner or later, I most definitely would foray into MBA, and I am confident of excelling that.

Its quite coincidental and doesn't deserve a mention, but these last 7 months or so have been really taxing on me on personal front. I still am under the shadow of past and it keeps haunting me. Perhaps, keeping alive the hopes that I have, is the only way to handle my past.

Its really difficult to seperate personal and professional lives... I am tired of living this dual personality. But I would carry on.


I have managed to exhaust myself with work... All through this week, I have been working for 11 1/2 hours daily, except Monday. But still I find time to think about my past.
Sometimes the more you try to avoid things the more you get to confront them. Last night I made a fool of myself.. I have become quite absent minded, or maybe I overthink. While coming back, I was supposed to get down at Airport Road, but I was in some dream or so that I finally woke up to realise that I had reached Lifestyle. And like a fool had to hire an auto to come back at 9.30.

Sometimes, silly things like these bring a little smile on your face. :)

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