Monday, January 10, 2005

Vicious Cycle!

Life is soooo confusing! Sometimes you dont understand why some things happen the way they do. There are certain things in life that you so desperately want, work so much towards getting it, yet its the same effort that you put in, becomes the reason why you dont get it.

And this is not limited to only some particular thing that you generally happens in every quarter of life...I have seen badly wanting to get into some institutes..but yet the same effort that they were putting in...finally takes it all away..they loose the temperament..And this is not the only example I have..there are countless of those.

You so fondly cherish certain are so so much true to yourself and so straight towards your approach in certain things, but still the end result is so unexpected. The same efforts, approach, and trueness become the obstacles. You want certain relations to come back to the normal comfort zone..why because you know its importance, beauty and elegance. You so badly try to bring things back to place, but then it doesn't happen. Your ideas and approach towards certain problems, how much ever reasonable and right they may be, might not be the acceptable one for others. And you fully know, that the reasons why others dont approve of it are right...and yet there is no other way to it.

This is what makes life a vicious cycle!

(So many so's and you's :o))

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