Monday, December 27, 2004


Had extreamly busy and expensive weekends....blew away almost 1000/- bucks! And this is tooooo much for I have stopped being a spendthrift! But once in a while its ok!

And why I did that? I had already seen the movie, still spend 300 bucks just for that cause! Ummm...I dont really know! Maybe because I wanted to socialize...or maybe because I wanted to not loose friends! whatever!

People these days misunderstand me in a big way! I am same old Keshav...just a li'l perplexed and majorly shaken by the developements of life....but that's the way life is!

It really amazes me why certain things happen... When you dont behave as what others expect from you, then they leave you...and again when you try to do the very same things for which you were deserted by everyone, the very same people dont let you do so...

I have been labelled as an extreamly short tempered guy who just can't get along with others..but then let me try! Please help me change...dont keep whipping me for that..If you are true friend then, its your duty to help me get rid of the bad habits which you pointed out.

You claim to be a true friend then, please dont desert me at this juncture when I am already down. I have held myself far too long...I am about to break!

Please ... help me save myself!

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