Thursday, December 23, 2004

Contented Me!

So finally the review is over. Though it's not as efficient as I had planned and worked towards...but still satisfying that its over. 32,500 lines.. a bit too much though!

Almost done with my coding part..updated the peer comments..

So, it all shows I am back to no work situation!

But then, today it's not killing me as it always does. I know I did work in last couple of days!

My friends here think I dont work at all!! Well..chaps..I only say that I do! The difference is in speed of execution. My idea to work is to finish it a sfast as possible and then enjoy as much as possible. Life doesn't only have to rotate around work...its worth a lot more!

Am I wrong!!

Chalo...gotto explain my code to PL!!

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