Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Testing sucks!

Thooooooooo.....I am so fed up with testing ....

I so badly pity those who have to test regularly....I mean though its my own code that I'm testing, but sucks. just to show others that what you wrote is working, you have to write an overhead called test stub over your code! And this is rediculous.. Man, I dont say no to testing, but then these overheads are much of a headache!

And to top that you have to write atleast a fixed number of test cases..and who decides that..its the data base of the older projects they use!! How silly it is to depend on a fuzzy database to determine such things.. We all know how sincerely we write those...I mean isn't it we only who create it...and I know how we do it...just to meet some shitty quality standards we have to spice up our calculations..just to prove we did rigorously test our code to perfection.

And this vicious cycle continues... I mean everytime..just to better our records we keep adding more test cases and later we only suffer!

Life sucks :o(


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