Friday, December 31, 2004

Year Ends!

So finally this year comes to an end tonight!!! An extreamly long year and perphaps will be the most remembered by me!

A lot ( that I really mean a lot) of things happened around the globe this year and personally I had even more happenings in my life!!!

Last year I was soooooo keen on seeing this year... and why not!
Afterall I was to graduate, join a decent job, get a new house for myself and live independently all on my own money!

And most importantly would formaly be introducing my dearest and closest friend to my move a step further than being merely a friend! But then, everything does not happen the way you want them to! Though I'm still figuring out the reason, but it doesn't matter.. the bottom line is.. I not only failed in moving further..but lost that person as my best friend too...

And all this came with another tragedy, me losing my closeness to my parents too!! Thanks to my luck!

And this is a great loss...especially for people like me, who dont talk much with others and have only a few very close relations to fall back on!
Damn it!! Three most dear people! What a great loss!

Doesn't this loss swallow all the happy things that had happened to my life this year?? Perhaps, it changed me completely.. forever!

But life goes on... another year is dawning upon me...but this time I'm expectations, no dreams.. its just another day!

the last year gave me one important lesson, never loose temper!!! And this is my resolution!!

Let me see what tragedy this new year brings!!

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