Monday, December 20, 2004

Swades!! quite eventful and memorable weekends!

Almost lost ...and then finally saved two dear friendships..met a quite close friend after some 6 months..saw Swades..and finally got myself back on track, though partially but still much!!

Well..why was I behaving the way I was should be left behind! Lots of misconceptions and misunderstandings.. a few still are there..and I know would continue to be they are part of my ideologies.

But then I was definitely wrong in choosing NO FRIENDS attitude! Had almost lost myself.. I was never like that! But then true friends are the ones who show you path in darkness! And a real solid blast from the one I cherish got me back!

There are some differences..and they would be there..but then, to have someone you adore ..back in your life gives you enough strength and hopes!(though in a different role!)

.....Enough of that!!

Saw one real good movie after a long long long time!! Swades...typically for people like me!! Sharukh Khan at his best!! ME and Sharukh Khan!!!???? I am a member of his hate club!! But then, to not accept someone's achievement and sincere effort doesnot make me great!! He gave an amazing performance and deserves his due!

Such a nice story..I really appreciate the director's effort!! His true effort to bring our country at par with others..And to do that he rightly said that we must first discipline ourselves!

A lot of people think I am a hypocrite who just keeps blabbering about punctuality and keeping promises..but then I believe in those..I believe that knowing the importance of time shows a person's true character..

I demand my friends only what I demand from myself!
I never go and preach to do something what I myself dont do! And is it wrong that I ask it from my friends and family whom I care for!!

But then, a few friends have openly said that I am a hypocrite! It doesn't matter!! I care for them and I would continue persuading them to learn the importance of these small things!

This has been a reason for my minor (and sometimes major) fights with them , in past..but nevermind!! I believe in it..and I wd keep trying!


I have taken a resolution for this new year.. I want to sincerely work towards controlling my temper!! It keeps flaring up with the drop of a hat..and of late, has made me loose THE MOST IMPORTANT thing! I am trying my level best..and this time I would definitely achieve this..

Friends..if any of you is reading this..please help me!! Suggest do I do this!! Please.. I need it!

I am really happy..feel like not stoping!! But then as said earlier, I am not paid for this!!

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Shaik said...

OK, Let me Think...
Got It.
Once more....
Got It.
Let me try this time...
Abey Saaley Pictures Dekhtaa nahi kya?
Count 1 to 10 like
Two seconds gap
Two seconds gap
Two seconds gap
Two seconds gap

Now also Ur not able to control?
Kick that Arsehole!!!