Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bore Me!

Getting bored as always!
Me the jobless is getting bored!

Finished with my job! Freaking out of boredom!!Waiting for the weekend..
And guess why? 'Cause I'm playing a cricket game for my team in company! hehehe..they dont know my talent! God knows on what merit did I manage to get a place in the team! As far as I know myself, I am a worse batsman than Venkatpati Raju(he's the worst according to me!), my bowling can be faced by an infant with perfect ease..and my fielding is so amazing that batsmen pity me and never place the ball in my direction!! But then, I still end up in the team!! And that too as a batsman cum wicketkeeper..the latest buzz being Me as an opener!!

I am terrified beyond doubts to even pity my team!!

God save the opponents!

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