Thursday, December 16, 2004

A new heights of Boredom !

I think people would think I have gone mad...writing 3 blogs within 5 hrs is just crazy!!

But suckers! Before blaming me..think how damn boring can it get!!

You are supposed to review a rotten piece of code written by some dick face..and you have no clue about what is happening out there!!

Why!! Well because this fucking asshole has put no comments..absolutely no comments! And he assumes, you are an ideal son of Ritchie that you can understand what he has written in that mere 35,000 lines of shit!( Sorry that I called it a piece of code!)

I am really bored...desperately waiting for 6 pm to come and save me!

I must learn to sit and eat shit daily till 6 atleast! This fuckers dont pay me to write this crap!

But then, I am really thankful to Kanishaka..for if he was not a member of this blogging community..I would never have joined it! Thanks buddy!

I guess..if they dont releave me of this shitty work..I'm going to swamp the blog servers!

you know why I'm so damn desperate..because its been a week and I haven't spoken to someone! Someone I cherish..

I really have no idea how will I survive the whole life!! I promised of not calling that person ever!
Why cant that someone call?? May be she will... I should give that person space of her own!

Why do I feel..I wont have to suffer..maybe time will get that person back!

Who knows..OPTIMISM!

hey..that reminds me..I used to be a hard core optimist.. and my friend was just the ulta..always sceptic..

Now we have swapped the behaviour!!

Its heights now!!

Idiot get back to eating more shit!! thooooooooo....some 10000 lines of shit left!!!


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