Thursday, December 16, 2004

I need a break!!

Its again one of those long weeks which refuses to pass on! Why is it that I'm lossing the killer instinct that I once had! I dont feel like working these days..Maybe I need a break!

Not that I dont enjoy my work here! Perhaps it is what I always dreamt of doing, but then, these days I dont really look forward to take initiatives! It has become a regular job sort of! Come to office, do work, go home, watch tv, play freecell, and sleep! No one to talk to!

Never imagined life can ever be so monotonous and alone! Well..I also know that I cant blame anyone, its my own decision! but then, perhaps I still have the rights to crib!

Had my sister not been here, I would definitely have gone out somewhere for a long time! And I desperately want to...All alone!! Me and nature! Maybe Goa..naah..too many memories.. I guess Tariandmol! It's the best place I've ever been..true nature..

You and only you to talk to!

Maybe I should go! That would get me back on track! But then..something deep down my heart would never be the same again!

Well...let's see! I know I dont want this..I want only one thing..but I cant get it!
So I must learn to live without it!

And I'm living! Though its not the best way!
Should I try again?? naah..I should not be selfish..if it causes pain to someone you really really care for..then its not worth it! only want that person to be happy!

Chuck it!

I must get back to work..too much to do!!
I guess I can well manage the job of a thinker or philosopher! hehehe...

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