Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What do I do!!

I am really confused! Karthik is coming down to India from US and I dont know whether I should meet him??

Its not that I dont want to meet.. Well despite of what others think, I am social..And I know , he wd be expecting me to meet him. Afterall we are good friends, if not the best!
But then, this goes strictly against my new belief that there is no concept of friendship! Why do people say that friendship is the greatest virtue human race possesses? Till date I haven't met anyone who is a true friend, everyone just uses you. I think you are on someone's friends' list only till they need you. The moment the need is satisfied, you are not welcome.

But then, I may be wrong. Sometimes, things change! Afterall you cant control everything..the way people feel, their perspective towards life!

But why is it..that generally I end up being suffering? Is it because I expect a lot..may be I am a bit too sensitive. How can I expect others to understand my feelings..infact it's absolutely foolish on my part to believe so.

But then..this is how I am..confusion personified!

My simplest principle for life is do whatever you do...with passion!

And that is what makes me suffer..I should never expect others to follow that!

That's why I changed.. And I know I am going wrong..I would end up with no one..I am taking a path which no one takes and should never take either. But then..I must suffer! I deserve it!

So my new principle says: When You came alone, and you will go alone, Why not live alone!!

I think I have gone mad!!

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