Monday, April 10, 2006

Arjun singh - Caste Away!

Late Mr. Rajiv Goswami!! Don't you think you were an idiot when you did something as silly as self-immolating yourself?? You dud!! Why didn't you contact me?

Ok.. now that you are gone, it's my duty to caution any future to-be-Rajiv-Goswamis!!
Read this, all you emotional fools!! And mug it by heart!

Politics is made of two words - "poli" which is Greek for "many", and "tics" which means "parasites"

Now be ready to see the age of worms and leeches in Indian politics.

In the muck of the creepy idiots, we have got a new king and his tale to limelight!

At this young and virile age of 76 Mr Arjun Singh, honorable(I doubt how?) Human Resources Minister of the sovereign Republic of India, comfortably manages to beat the majority of Indians who claim to be the youth and the future of India!

And no!!! What you are thinking is not what the fact is! Mr Singh is not mourning or even pretending to do so in the snap! He is an old honorable man now, don't forget that! Can't the old man have a cold? Can't he just sneeze in public?

As if one disaster in the form of V. P Singh wasn't enough for the Indian youth, that we got another rotten tomato to deal with. Never in his wildest dreams would Mr Mandal have thought, that in a country obsessed with filmstars and cricketers, he too would have his share of fame(or notoriety?).

And whom must he thank? He must be most sincerely indebted to Mr Arjun Singh, to give him his desired share of reclaim to fame! And what greater an honor could be? Afterall it's a seasoned HRD minister who has found his bull shit worth acceptance. Last time it was a Feudal Lord turned politician in the form of an opportunist and back stabber V P Singh. This time it's a loyal, born-and-brought-up-in-Congress, silent, devoted, and above all most qualified person to make justice to the notoriety that Mandal has unjustifiably gained the last time around.

I recently finished reading India Unbound by Gurucharan Das! Afterall what qualifications he has to make a statement as silly as this?

We must all believe in the equality of opportunities, it's truly unjust to force an equality of results.

Mr. Das, with due respects to your ideology, I must say that it's an inappropriate fit to the modern India with her current clan of politicans! How can you even dare say something as silly as this? Look at your credentials, and compare those with our honorable minister. You think just being a Harward MBA, by featuring in three of it's case studies and heading a second rate company like Procter and Gamble you could contest the intelligence of Mr Singh? How dare you forget that your competitor had been voted the best parliamentarian in the year 2000! Go back to the definition I gave in the beginning! If you are even close to being literate, you would have got my point! Didn't you?

So what if 50% of the total seats in all Government aided institutions are proposed to be reserved for backward classes and tribes? How can one dare to question Mr Mandal or Mr Singh about the inappropriate definition of backward class? Afterall, they are the only qualified people with intelligence to interpret what our great leaders of past and makers of constitution had said! So what, if the lives of millions students and their aspirations go for a toss! So what, if thousands of seats in the reserved categories are left unfilled every year despite the relaxation in age limit and cutoff percentage! A few hundred thousand more would remain vacant! Big deal! Why the fuss?

Why is this hoopla about the so called degradation of the quality of education in the reputed Institutes? Idiots, can't you see, if the whole India is going to be degraded in terms of quality of intellectuals, why do you need to worry? Just make sure you are a better apple in the basket of rotten ones. All you need to try to achieve is the level of Mr Singh. You will become an intellectual!

And why do you need to study afterall? Don't you know 4 out of 10 kids in India don't go to schools? When Mr. Singh being such a qualified person does not think it necessary to mandate primary school education and make it a fundamental right, why do you even need to bother about higher education? What's the point in learning rubbish in the form of management and technology when you don't even know 2+2=4!

Mr. Singh is a very qualified saint. He is very much concerned about the safforonization of Indian History books. Don't you see he is busy? Don't you even dare suggest this gently, that students learning a safforonized history are much better placed than those not learning anything.

Can't we mortals see that he is more concerned about safeguarding the rights of the down trodden, there is no hidden motive! Why do we pervert minds always question his intentions? Why should elections in 5 states be a hindrance in his path to glory?
He is a saint and there is no doubts about the fact. Afterall, all his life he has lived the life of a saint. He never was in politics for his personal interests!

Those who say he is a Gandhi family's pet must die. It's an absolute insult to him and his honesty. The HRD ministry has always been his darling department. Can you ever recall him making any fuss! So what if political failures like Shivraj Patil get Home Ministry, Arjun Singh is above petty politics. He is there for the masses.

Can someone go and tell him to retire? Can't he see his colleagues like Vajpayee and Aadwani making a mockery of themselves everyday. He is our HRD minister, he must have learnt it surely that 75 and above, is the age to retire.

Let him rest now, Madam Gandhi!! This is morally wrong to make a honorable man overwork and drain him out! Let him spend his final days counting the number of sins he has committed.

Please release him of his duty.. the old man is tired. Give him peace.

Please save the youth and please save our country!


Anonymous said...

seriously....he muct have contacted u keshav...:).
anyways nice post hope ppl get sensible and dont get the standards of education down its really sad all this happens and we cant help:(.
take care bye

Keshav said...

@Anon: I wish he contacted me. I could have tried convincing him.

Anonymous said...

so only i told he must have surely met u....;). i am sure u would have done it:)

NaReN said...

Hmm.. you know, Once someone so blindly believes in something its really hard or most of the times impossible to convince them otherwise. One can give a try anyways. There will be blind believers... towards both extremes.. and sometimes when you think of it, both are required for balance. It sounds rubbish.. but thts how I see it :)

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