Friday, March 31, 2006

Never Resign.

Never resign!

Else you would fee llike this!!

Take my word for it. It makes you the most unproductive you could ever be.

And don't ever take the lecture by anyone that it's upon us to make ourselves get back to work after resigning. It's unadulterated bull's crap!

I have tried a billion times ever since I have resigned. And I am sure if it didn't work for me, it wouldn't work for most. Not that I am that good or ethical, just that I have tried most sincerely and failed.

Initially one would really enjoy the freedom or to be frank, the lack of work. Life seems heaven. Go to office late, come back early. Catch on movies you had missed, meet friends, browse internet, read online news, chat online, talk to friends over the phone, try all the restaurants near your office. To help you further, the incessant calls from the placement firms would provide free amusement.

The actual job hunt process may be quite an easy thing. To crack an interview after around 2 years in industry should not be that bad afterall. To be honest, it's quite an entertainment. But the problem is that you get decent jobs within a couple of days and a handful of them within a week. So, now you need to stop any further hunt and sit and think about which one to take. It's the most painful process and the most challenging than anything you would have ever done. Atleast to me it feels so.

But that's not the point. The point is what next? Now that you got the job offer or rather a handful of them, how to keep yourself occupied and entertained?

The same placement firm calls now irritate you. You can no longer attend interviews and spend time analyzing the companies that invite you. So no time pass.

The problem is much troubling than it appears. The fact that you have resigned and not your friends is to be noted. So, obviously when someone is busy and has a job, (s)he has to be obliged to be working. One won't have the endless horizon of free time to push immediate matters at hand indefinitely. Initially you would be entertained, you would have company for movies, you could convince a few innocent friends to bunk and give them company. You could even pass time by calling relatives who had long in past considered you dead(because you never kept in touch). But for how many times. There is something called shame which would keep reminding you the crime you commit.

The more free time you have at hand, the better you would be in a position to discover that Google News is not as great as it appears! You would notice that a piece of news that you read online, stays there for almost a week. The updates are occasional and a few stories seem to be occupying the space for eternity.

Sadly, you would also discover that mostly movies change at maximum, once a week. To your further surprise, a little calculation would reveal that some heavy economics is involved everytime you watch them. And even worse, there doesnot seem to be any insurance policy available so that you can claim a refund if the movie does not entertain you.

The divine power somewhere in sky would also want to have a little amusement precisely at the same time when you are in despair. So, what you would read is that some deadly thing called Avian Flu is at full swing. So, you would die of chicken underdose. The heat in city would become unbearable, and the lack of healthy food would make you more prone to illness.

By this time, you would be a little mentally sick. And your agony would become unbearable when you calculate that you need to serve another month before you can breathe free air, and actually do some work. By this time, people around you in office or otherwise would assume that you were a sack of crap that you still haven't managed to get a job. This is because, they invariably end up thinking that whoever calls you on phone must be a placement consultant. and if you could not get a decent job in 2 months, then you must better go kill yourself.

But hold on! You need not make the move or be tempted; circumstances would automatically do the job for you. You would realize that the little arithmetic you did, forgot to account for a few environment variables. It would dawn upon you that March month is in progess and there is a daemon called tax to be paid. So the tiny amount that you proudly assume to be your salary dwindles majorly and you find yourself biting dust.

You would have forgotten coding. You would wonder at yourself how in the world you managed to write a huge piece of code which people tell you is your creation. To reassure yourself, you try a few silly programs. They would work. They have to, else you must die. So you feel elated. You end up celebrating your little success and end up spending again! You see, its a vicious cycle.

The companies which have offered you jobs would now start calling you. Even they need to be assured that the bakra they got would finally join. You would entertain all of them. You have to. Why? Simply for the fact that there is still a month, and things could change for worse. You need options to be safe. But this would eat you up mentally, afterall you still lhave something called a conscience. It would scratch and lick your agony wounds by telling you that you must decide upon the final company and inform the others. But how! No one will suggest.

Your managers would not look straight into your eyes. The fact that they never used to would not give you solace, you need some reason to justify your depression. Your colleagues who used to hang around with you will give you the feeling that suddenly you got this power to become transparent. They would overlook your complete existence. 72 kilograms of mass would be not noticed. And then, since you happen to have all the time in the world you would think and reason it. You would finally get the fact, that it's you who has resigned and not them. So, they need to keep their ass safe and appear committed to their job by ignoring you.

Suddenly you would see, that your telephone bills are swelling. Your internet charges are going northwards. You would even notice that you eat more. You would grow a paunch. You need to exercise. You cannot. Why? Because you sleep late, so getting up early is out of question.

So, ultimately what happens? You sulk. You sulk a lot. You hit the rock bed. You mock your own wisdom as to why you resigned.

Could not you simply sit tight, could you simply not take the onsite that you had been offered and enjoyed the Chinki babes and made some money?

So you see! Never resign.


Anonymous said...

Well said.. Truly heart felt.
I think your sarcasm is at its best in TE. You have to givem them credit, where it is due. :-)

Keshav said...

Oh! I never leave an opportunity to express my heart felt gratitude.

I think I must devote a blog acknowledging TE's contribution in improving my sarcasm!

anoop said...

You have nicely captured the feelings going thru a person who has resigned..
I dont agree with everything you have written, but the energy ur investing in this blog of yours is commendable.. but most of the details are only applicable for our present company though..
You should have taken the carrot which was dangled at you.. :)

Srinivas said...

You would have forgotten coding. You would wonder at yourself how in the world you managed to write a huge piece of code which people tell you is your creation. To reassure yourself, you try a few silly programs. They would work. They have to, else you must die. So you feel elated. You end up celebrating your little success and end up spending again! You see, its a vicious cycle.

ROFL! Man! This is so true! So, have you joined your next company yet?!

Keshav said...

@Anoop: Well I thought when most of my energy goes waste idling my time and getting bored, why not divert it to create some fun!! And yes, sometimes I do feel the carrot was worth a bite, but in the end, I am happy and satisfied with my decision to move on.

I sincerely pray, it turns out to be a decison worth all the boredom I am going through.

@Srinivas: All of what I have written is what I actually have felt.

And no, I still have around a month to join the new place. Decision making is such a pain!

NaReN said...

Hey.. nice post :) But again.. you must decide first and then resign! I think you jumped the gun :D
Anyways, all the best for your future endeavours :)

Anonymous said...

hey nice post...soo true as usual...try to join the best offer..:)

Keshav said...

@ Naren: Thanks!! Hope to make a better choice.

@Anon: Thanks to you too! May I have your name please, if you don't mind?