Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hell awaiting Bangalore!

Read this!
I wonder what would be the state of traffic during this period! I pity every single soul living in vicinity of Airport Road, including myself!

I guess, only a participation in this event could help us absorb the pain of the traffic nightmare.

Suddenly I have become more religious. God, save me!


NaReN said...

Hey.. this is supposed to be at Jakkur Airfield.. thts near Yelahanka!! You stay near to tht place?!??!
I dont wanna get into discussion abt the meet now anyways :P

Srinivas said...

Great - how about a blog meet there?? :D

Anonymous said...

pity u man if possible shift close to ur office

Keshav said...

@all: No, you all got me wrong! I live near Airport Road. And what I was inferring to was the arrival of the VVIPs in the city. Imagine the ruckus that Airport Road would see with their advent!

NaReN said...

Ok. All I did was ask u a qn :D
It should be comparitively easier for you man.. all those VVIPs will come off when there is least traffic! good for them and also for others :P

Anonymous said...

hey keshav nothing pertaning ur post but saw ur blog almost went thru all the posts...dont ask when i found so much of time i feel i am crossing the stages u did once....and ur posts r so close to wht i am feeling right now...i am so touched by the seeing how true ur to urself...something everyone must learn..wish one day i get mature like u...wish me good luck..i need it.

Keshav said...

@Naren: Ya right! You must live near Airport Road to understand the pain.

@Anon: Well, I don't think I am mature enough. But anyways, all the best! :)