Tuesday, February 14, 2006

All are equal in the eyes of law!

Read two very different, yet very similar news stories. And am still finding it difficult to absorb the fact that both the news are real!

See this! A vice president who had gone hunting birds (note Birds) accidently shoots a man standing near him. The man was hurt badly, and is still in hospital. And this Mr Vice President is still grinning about the mistake he commited, and probably is busy planning his next hunting trip in some ranch or randomly attacking some country on the globe!

Till I learnt about this news I always thought birds fly in air. Weird!

Now Read this!
A poor man, spends 38 years of his life in jail without being prosecuted for the charge of a murder. The reason? Well, the pot bellied, extra smart UP police misplaced the case's FIR and in the process happily forgot about this chap!

And why the hell must he crib? Afterall, he was getting free food for last 38 years.
Does it matter that he went mad, his wife kept expecting his return, and most of his family doesn't even know or remember him now?

Looks like a scene from some movie.. remember The Rock?


If this doesn't disturb you, then I have nothing more to say.


Anonymous said...

never realized the new yr brought back your blog with it !
too much to login and all :P

Keshav said...

:D {Sheepish grin!}

NaReN said...

Hey.. thats really disturbing. Justice takes a diff direction in most of the places :(