Monday, October 17, 2005

Free amusement!

Can it get any worse? Read this ridiculous opinion by none other than our former Prime Minister, the sleeping lethargic creature:
Gowda Speaks!
What's extremely irritating is that after being so imprudently rude, and disgustingly unreasonable, he has gots the guts to add more to his crap:

I am not against IT. I will not allow the IT sector to go away from Karnataka

As if all this wasn't ridiculous enough, he adds further:

What spanner have I or the JD(S) put in the works? There is a whispering campaign against us. Narayana Murthy has been Bangalore International Airport Limited chairman for five years. Why did it take him so long to get it moving? Murthy is a world-traveller. He should be able to come up with a plan to decongest Bangalore’s traffic. What is this urban governance focus Murthy is talking of? Educated girls in rural areas are taking to Naxalism! I saw a movie Jagadeka Pratapa where the hero just waves his hand and a palace comes up or three beautiful women spring up. Can such things be done in infrastructure? I told the CM to send a team of officials to Rajasthan to check what extraordinary work Ramesh Ramanathan has done there.

Ya right! Now would somebody impart some gyaan to the old fellow, that Narayan Murthy is here for business, and if he is taking any interest apart from the normal business, The Karnataka government must be thankful to him. What else does he want from the industry? As if the industry is not doing enough by fetching the majority share of State's revenues, and by providing employment to so many people, that jobless inefficient fellows demand more from them!

Now someone should go and shake this man up from his sleep to make him realise his own duties as a politician! If he and his team want each and everything to be done by others only, then why don't they give up the Governance? Afterall they must have collected enough of blessings by now to be called Men of Dignity!

Bunch of jobless jokers - Nice show they are putting together by making a mockery of themselves every now and then!

Well, I guess that's what an efficinent politician is supposed to do - Amuse people!


roses-in-a-beer-mug said...

Man, i had similar sentiments when i saw the newspaper this morning. Preposterous fools!! This had set me thinking on the lines of...would there be someplace our complaints/opinions can be posted/expressed online so it reaches the rite ppl in govt? Would be good if there was, we could put in our bit then.

Anonymous said...

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Keshav said...

I just could not help but fume when I read that dumb useless chap saying things like these:
"Educated girls in rural areas are taking to Naxalism! I saw a movie Jagadeka Pratapa where the hero just waves his hand and a palace comes up or three beautiful women spring up. Can such things be done in infrastructure?"

He must have gone nuts to say things like that! Does he want to promote female illiteracy? And even comedians in Mithun kind movies never utter crap like three beautiful women nonsense he said!

I wonder what all politics can do - if such an inefficient and insensitive person could become a PM, I wonder how long will it take for Govinda to reach there!

Srinivas said...

Really atrocious! These "politicians" just want their asses and their "chairs" glued forever! And they can do anything for it - may even consider using fevicol!!!! (Amusement??)
Looks like his reasoning is "If you cannot convince, then confuse!" - sad!

Loonie said...

gowda was drunk!!well..can't blame's a politician's permanent state of mind!duh!!

!!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! said...

have a look at my latest post keshav :)

NaReN said...

Terrorists will never attack Bangalore as they will know one Gowda is more than enough to terrorise Whole of Bangalore and more :D