Monday, September 26, 2005

Erratic Ramblings

Life seems to be centered around movies these days - was just counting how many movies have I seen in the last month? And it's pretty high - that's where all my salary is going I guess! Atleast 10-12 in theaters(and all of them multiplexes!) and around 20 odd at home on Televison and Computer - quite good a number given that I indulge in this luxary only on weekends!

Readers - I care for you all - Please don't dare to see James! It sucks! What was in it as a story to allow a 2 hours long shitting session! No Entry is funnier - much better after you watch James!

My current project is too demanding - Well I guess it's not that way - having worked in a team of 20 for around 15 months it's natural to get a bit relaxed. And now this team of 5 (with only 3 working) is a bit too taxing! I guess it's the same case with Indian Cricket team - having worked under a relaxed and silent coach for 4 years they are finding it hard to adjust with the proactive coach! But does that make Ganguly's stay in the team justified? I'm not qualified enough for an expert commnent, but I feel NO!

Coming back to my project - whatever be the cause - the project is really tough and screwing - not to mention the confusing standard! I have been trying to read and grasp the damn thing for almost 2 weeks now - but the fact that even if I try to just read it like a speech or enjoy it like a novel, it's impossible to go any further than 2 pages in a strech! God help!

Life is fun otherwise - Never had been enjoying it all by myself so much! Great fun - family, movies, books, friends, and good work!

Mothers are the best gift anyone can get! I love you Ma more than I can express - you have spoilt me with your stay here - I would terribly miss all of it when you go back!

Off late I have become a spendthrift again! Need to save - it's insane to spend like that! I will try to keep this in mind!

My project's coding kick off is scheduled today - What the hell? Let's finalise the design first! I feel a bit proud and more concerned for the project that I have been the one who has proposed the design for it! Hope my OOSD concepts helped! I feel it's a pretty neat and simple design...but ME?? Something wrong with my PL or maybe I am good! You never know!

Why am I unable to concentrate with music on? There are so many erratic thoughts coming all the while that by the time I pen one, the pointer goes to nth one! Need a fast handler - or may be a spooler!

Was bored of the same tasteless Upma everyday - so decided against having a breakfast - but seems it wasn't a prudent decision - i can hear the bubbles bursting in my tummy! Somehow I manage to be regular in eating habits these days - thanks Ma again!

That brings me to think of Custard!! Yummy! I just love them - I feel the one that I had a day before yesterday was much better than the one I had yesterday! But the tomato soup on Friday evening was the best thing I had in longest time I remember!

Going back to music - Jagjeet Singh rocks! I now feel I like him much much much more than Pankaj Udhas! I have been wondring for quite some time now - how is it that people identify and differentiate between the various kinds of English music? I mean Rock and hip hop, Pop and Classical English are ok.. but what's the criterion for the subclassifications? Punk, Progressive rock, country rock, jazz...and so on so forth!! I have read it on quite a few profiles on Orkut - tried asking a few of them.. but nobody seems to know! I guess it's a hip thing to write it that way! Shows you are a funky dude!

I like a few English songs and a few artists, and I like them for various reasons which I can explain in detail - but I can never claim that I know what Sur or raga does Jagjeet Singh sing or what genre of music Floyd or John Mayor come in! Hats off to those who can!

I wish I could learn it someday - I am trying - Internet is vast enough!
And Google rules!

Ah.. this Google Earth thing is so damn exciting!!!! I could pin my house, my company, my college, my hostel, and what not!!! It's realy astounding - technology is advancing at such a frightening pace - I am struggling to keep pace with it!

I feel like a medivial age man - I need to pull my socks and get back to work!
But how about a hot cup of strong Coffee first? Afterall - it's Monday - we have a whole long week to slog! ;)


!!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! said...

mannnnnnnn... i can see how excited u r!!!!!!!!
so many things!!!! cool !!!
have fun dude :)
love ur mom... u surely miss her!

Srinivas said...

Well about the music genres - we just inherited them from our predecessors :D (plain answer - there's no convincing explanation :P)
Google earth rocks man! I spend 15 mins on my terrace each day, waving at the sky just in hope that I can see myself on google earth some day :D :))
And yeah, me too busy with a new project - all the best to you, and wish me luck :)

Srinivas said...

buzz (update) - there are definitions of various music genres on wikipedia - chek 'em out!

NaReN said...

Hey.. looks like u are into lotsss of stuff and also having gr8 food and time with mom here!.. neat!
Google Earth rocks.. yeah! I was trying out the same thing Srini is trying :P.
But Jagjit singh Rocks!?? ahem :P no offence .. hehe.. :D

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