Thursday, August 18, 2005

Freedom at midnight!

Finally the much awaited day came. We had our release. And to the biggest satisfaction, it was a successful one.

The fact that the client hasn't yet come back reporting any error, is one of big relief to me, as well as for my PL. Relief for me, as I was the whole and sole responsible for this release - the Integrator.

I was the one responsible for two most important modules - the controller as well as the driver.

Everything went so smoothly that none of us can digest it - actually I get goose bumps when my code behaves as expected. :D

But I am happy and contented - for I have successfuly achieved one milestone, and didn't let my PL down. I cannot explain the importance of this release, and the deadline we had. Still we all managed it well is satisfying.

Now, we are free - atleast for this week.

And this is the worst part - having slogged heavily for last 4 months, this lull is disturbing. I don't want to sit jobless in office. Not that we have no work, but the pressure is not demanding. I feel that I need pressure to perform to my optimum.

But, it's fun too. I get childish satisfaction when I spend the whole day at office Orkuting, and mailing friends!

Basically.. I am totally bored and have nothing better to do.


!!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! said...

Congrats buddy!!!
u know y i am so happy 4 ya??!! U have another reason now to treat me ;):p

Srinivas said...

why don't you hang out at usenet newsgroups - very nice reading...

Keshav said...

@ !!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! : Haha! Treat? Or Retreat?

@Srinivas: I tried it.. pretty interesting! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Install Firefox and Stumble Upon!. You won't need anything else...

Keshav said...

@anon: Thank you!! I cannot use Firefox from office.. will try from home!

Thanks again.

BTW, this style of post is typical to one of my friends..

Loonie said...

aye aye captain! u and i on yahoo msngr!!!:P:P:P

Makel said...

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