Monday, August 22, 2005


My TV tuner has decided again not to work! Mind you, this is the second "new" card that I had bought. The shopkeeper told, I need to shed some 1000/- odd for its repair. I better buy a TV this time!

My PC has got some weird virus attack - Have reinstalled OS some 10 odd times the whole weekend.

My credit card bill payment got rejected - to my surprise the signature didn't match! I am hold responsible for the denied payment on the check - have a hefty fine of 600/- to pay for that.

To top that, I am notified that, in due process I have surpassed my last date deadline, and need to pay 1700/- late fine. What the f@#$? I had made the payment full 6 days in advance!

As if all this was not enough - I swiped a card on a wrong date, miscalculating the credit cycle by just one day, and now have another hefty bill to clear this month.

And the best part being, I have just a little over a thousand in my account!

I am loosing my mind!


Srinivas said...

LOL! never trust SP road hardware!!!!

Keshav said...

I swear!!! I am sick and tired of it!

The worst being it had to happen only when I am free, and irritating as it is, have no cash to spare!

Srinivas said...

PUHLEEEEAAAAASSSSEEE write a post abt the meet... I'm on training this whole week - I am only getting to browse 5 mins here n there!!!!

!!~~S~m~i~l~e~~!! said...

i feel so sorry about u pal... tsk tsk... but plz dont forget the 2 treats u owe me ;;)

PS: I didnt want to ask that again, but since u missed that part in ur post, just thought of reminding tat to u again ;)

byron446douglas said...

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Keshav said...

@Srini - Sorry man!!! You know I am bad at describing things! You lead!

@Smile: Ya sure!! This time pucca! :)